Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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April 2001


Seasonal Allergy Relief with Daily Disposable Lenses
By:  Mary Jo Stiegemeier, OD
An FDA classification allows a single-use lens to claim relief with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

Allergy, Eyedrops and Contact Lenses
By:  Arthur Epstein, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Better manage seasonal allergic conjunctivitis by learning the mechanisms behind it and which medications best treat the disease.

Potential Treatments for Dry Eye, Part III
By:  Donald L. Mackeen, MS, PhD
This final article of a three-part series examines U.S. patents for treating dry eye with pharmacological agents and acupuncture.

Fitting a Soft Disposable Bifocal Contact Lens
By:  Corinne Odineal, O.D.
Two practitioners conduct their own study to determine if a soft bifocal lens would be a success in their practice.


Editor's Perspective
By:  Elise Brisco, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Does Red Eye and Whiny Mean Dropout?

Prescribing For Astigmatism
By:  Christopher Snyder, OD, MS, FAAO
Specialty Contact Lenses for Correcting Astigmatism

RGP Insights
By:  Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn, OD, PhD, MS, FAAO
RGP Parameter Changes - How Much Change Is Significant?

Discovering Dry Eye
By:  Barbara Fink, OD, FAAO
Assessing the Lipid Layer Of the Tears

Contact Lens Primer
By:  Timothy B. Edrington, OD, MS; Elise Brisco, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Prescribing for Astigmatism: Rigid or Soft Toric Lenses?

Contact Lens Economics
By:  Walter D. West , OD, FAAO
Delegation and Patient Education

Treatment Plan
By:  William D. Townsend, OD, FAAO
Topical Ophthalmic Agents For Allergy

Contact Lens Case Reports
By:  Patrick J. Caroline, FAAO; Mark P. AndrĂ©, FAAO
Elevating Our Knowledge Of the Corneal Surface