Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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April 2002


Allergies and Contact Lenses
By:  John Mark Jackson, OD, MS
Bone up on allergies with a review of allergic response and management strategies for contact lens-wearing patients.

A Comparison of Multi-purpose Care Systems

A study compares patient dryness and discomfort symptoms found with MPS and a one-bottle peroxide system.

Corneal Topography and Orthokeratology: Pre-fitting Evaluation
By:  John Mountford, Dip. App. Sc, F.A.A.O., F.C.L.S.A.; Patrick J. Caroline, FAAO; Don Noack, Dip Opt
Corneal topography accurately analyzes the pre-fitting cornea of an orthokeratology patient.


editor's perspective
By:  Elise Brisco, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Support From Industry

prescribing for astigmatism
By:  Peter D. Bergenske, OD, FAAO
Dealing With Residual Astigmatism

RGP insights
By:  Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn, OD, PhD, MS, FAAO
Pediatric RGPs: Give Them a Try

discovering dry eye
By:  Kelly Kinney Nichols, OD, MPH, PHD
The Artificial Tear Market Has Not Dried Up

contact lens primer
By:  Timothy B. Edrington, OD, MS
Keep Up-to-date with Changes In Soft Lens Solutions

contact lens economics
By:  Walter D. West , OD, FAAO
Two Failsafe Ways to Boost Practice Growth

treatment plan
By:  Leo Semes, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Oral NSAIDS for Pain

readers' forum
By:  Jeff Morrison, OD
Myopia Control and Contact Lenses

contact lens case reports
By:  Patrick J. Caroline, FAAO; Mark P. AndrĂ©, FAAO
The Effect of Corneal Diameter on Soft Lens Fitting, Part 1