Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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March 2010


An Update on Orthokeratology
By:  Cary M. Herzberg, OD, FOAA
New technology and lens designs are expanding the applications for orthokeratology treatment

Diagnosing and Managing Lens-Related Complications
By:  Gregory W. DeNaeyer, OD, FAAO
Correct diagnosis and effective management will help you return patients to healthy contact lens wear

Global Perceptions and Vision Care Realities
By:  Colleen Riley, OD, MS, FAAO, Dipl CL
Despite wide-ranging national and regional differences, rates of comprehensive eye exams are low worldwide

Fitting Soft Center-Near Design Multifocal Lenses
By:  Jill Woods, BSc(Hons), MCOptom; Craig A. Woods, PhD, MCOptom, FAAO; Desmond Fonn, MOptom, FAAO
Following a few simple rules can increase fitting confidence and improve patient success


Online Photo Diagnosis
By:  William D. Townsend, OD, FAAO

Editor’s Perspective
By:  Jason J. Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD, FAAO
Taking the Next Step

Research Review
By:  Eric B. Papas, PhD, BSc, MCOptom, DipCL
Measuring Corneal Sensitivity in Contact Lens Wearers

Prescribing for Presbyopia
By:  Craig W. Norman, FCLSA
Topographer Applications for Presbyopic Patient Analysis

GP Insights
By:  Ann Laurenzi-Jones, OD, FAAO
Corneal Thinning With GP Wear

Contact Lens Design and Materials
By:  Neil A. Pence, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Silicone Hydrogel Lenses: Where Do We Stand Today?

Dry Eye Dx and Tx
By:  Jack L. Schaeffer, OD
New Society Focuses on Ocular Surface Disease

Contact Lens Care and Compliance
By:  Michael A. Ward, MMSc, FAAO
Understanding Seasonal Ocular Allergy

Contact Lens Practice Pearls
By:  John Mark Jackson, OD, MS, FAAO
Eyecare Applications for the iPhone

The Business of Contact Lenses
By:  Gary Gerber, OD
Re-Attracting Your Long-Absent Patients

Pediatric and Teen CL Care
By:  Christine W. Sindt, OD, FAAO
To Numb or Not to Numb, That is the Question

Treatment Plan
By:  Leo Semes, O.D., F.A.A.O.
SCORE Study Reports Detail Effectiveness of IVTA Injection

Contact Lens Case Reports
By:  Patrick J. Caroline, FAAO; Mark P. André, FAAO
Contact Lenses Following Corneal Trauma