Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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April 2013


A Report from the 2013 GSLS Meeting
By:  Edward S. Bennett, O.D., MSEd, F.A.A.O.
Scleral lenses and myopia control were among the hot topics at this year’s Global Specialty Lens Symposium.

New Protocols for Managing Keratoconus and Corneal Ectasia
By:  Vishakha Thakrar, OD, FAAO
Learn how treatment advances are changing your role.

Eye Shape and Scleral Lenses
By:  Randy Kojima; Patrick Caroline; Tina Graff; Beth Kinoshita, OD; Lori Copilevitz, OD; Roxanne Achong-Coan, OD; Eef van der Worp, PhD; Matthew Lampa, OD; Kelvin So, OD; Mark André
Understanding the shape of the anterior segment can help improve success with lens design and fitting.


April 2013 Online Photo Diagnosis
By:  Gregory W. DeNaeyer, OD, FAAO

Editor’s Perspective
By:  Jason J. Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD, FAAO
Regulation and Future Impact on Innovation

Research Review
By:  Loretta B. Szczotka, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Detecting Keratoconus Early

Prescribing for Astigmatism
By:  Sara Bierwerth, OD; Timothy B. Edrington, OD, MS, FAAO
Toric Scleral Lens Options

GP Insights
By:  Gregory W. DeNaeyer, OD, FAAO
Differential Diagnosis of Red Eye With Scleral Lenses

Contact Lens Design & Materials
By:  Neil Pence, OD, FAAO
The Future of Presbyopic Contact Lens Correction

Dry Eye Dx and Tx
By:  William Townsend, OD, FAAO
Enhancing Patient Adherence to Dry Eye Therapy, Part 2

Contact Lens Care & Compliance
By:  Michael A. Ward, MMSc, FAAO
Helping Lens Wearers Cope With Seasonal Allergies

Contact Lens Practice Pearls
By:  Gregory J. Nixon, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Managing the Needs of Emerging Presbyopes

The Business of Contact Lenses
By:  Clarke D. Newman, OD, FAAO
The 12 Commandments for Practitioners—Part 2

Pediatric and Teen CL Care
By:  Christine W. Sindt, OD, FAAO
Scleral Contact Lenses in Pediatric Patients

Treatment Plan
By:  Leo Semes, O.D., F.A.A.O.
AMD Risk and Aspirin Use

Reader and Industry Forum
By:  Heiko Pult, PhD, MSc, FAAO, FBCLA, FEAAO; Britta Riede-Pult, DIPL. ING. (FH)
Evaluating the Upper Lid With a Digital Microscope Camera

Contact Lens Case Reports
By:  Patrick J. Caroline, FAAO; Mark P. André, FAAO
Corneal Reshaping for Myopia Control in an Astigmatic Patient