Over the last few years scleral gas permeable contact lenses have emerged as one our best tools for fitting difficult cases. From keratoconus to trauma, and even for more straightforward cases, sclerals are having a profound impact on specialty fitting. This email series highlights 12 cases presented by some of eyecare’s top specialty contact lens practitioners. The cases feature Zenlens, the remarkable new scleral from Alden Optical. Throughout this series, we hope you will learn much about contemporary scleral lens fitting and the innovative aspects of Zenlens that make it a valuable design in my practice.

Susan J. Gromacki, OD, MS, FAAO

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Case 12: Zenlens Solves Highly Complex Case
Case 11: Zen Remedy for PMD
Case 10: Zenlens Microvault Solves Pinguecula Impingement Problem
Case 9: KC or not KC: You Decide
Case 8: Zenlens Solves Concerns for Patient with Corneal Scarring
Case 7: Scleral Lenses Post-CXL: Zen Comfort and a Return to Work
Case 6: Zenlens Oblate Design Corrects Post-RK/LASIK/PKP Corneas
Case 5: Zenlens Solves Long-Term Lens Dissatisfaction
Case 4: Zenlens Solves Discomfort in Post-PKP Patient
Case 3: Trouble Fitting post-RK?
Case 2: Scleral Lenses & Corneal Degradation
Case 1: Upping the Game