Article Date: 12/1/2011

Research From the 2011 AAO Annual Meeting
Contact Lens Care & Compliance

Research From the 2011 AAO Annual Meeting

By Susan J. Gromacki, OD, MS, FAAO

There has been a proliferation of research this year on lens care and compliance, as evidenced by the Scientific Program of the American Academy of Optometry's annual meeting. Here is a summary, with industry sponsorship, if applicable. For details on presentations, visit and select the "Archives" tab.

Impact of CL disinfecting solutions on the native state of a tear film protein (Bausch + Lomb [B+L])
Physical properties of CL disinfecting solutions (B+L)
Evaluation of the impact of contact lens care solutions on the tear film lipid layer
Quantitative association between MPS preservative agents and ophthalmic dyes (B+L)
Retention and release of the wetting agent combination found in a novel multipurpose solution from hydrogel and silicone hydrogel contact lenses (B+L)
Comparing contact lens compliance and complications in a university clinic with private optometry offices (Alcon)
Comparison of patient compliance with replacement intervals between 2-week and 1-month soft lens wearers in an urban academic clinic environment
Safety performance of a new CL solution from two clinical investigations (Alcon)
Multi-site clinical assessment of RevitaLens Ocutec, a new multipurpose disinfecting solution
Patient expressed reasons for noncompliance with CL wear schedules in an urban academic clinic
Patient age and compliance with contact lens hygiene, lens case replacement and hygiene (Vistakon)
Effects of osmolality of multipurpose solutions on viability and encystment of Acanthamoeba determined by flow cytometry (Menicon)
Incubation solution composition impacts in vitro protein uptake to silicone hydrogel CL
Lens wear time & comfort from a 6-month clinical study comparing RevitaLens OcuTec and Opti-Free RepleniSH MPDS (Abbott Medical Optics)
Clinical experience with new CLDS in Europe and Australia (Alcon)
Antimicrobial properties of a novel CLDS, Opti-Free PureMoist (Alcon)
Comparison of two contact lens lubricating eye drops in patients wearing soft daily-wear contact lenses
A new multi-purpose disinfecting solution optimized for silicone hydrogel contact lens wearers (Alcon)
Time course evaluation of residual hydrogen peroxide and in vitro effects of peroxide lens care solutions (B+L)
CL lipid deposition levels and types by daily wear AE subjects for 2 MPS by FTIR analysis (AMO)
Patient compliance: is an electronic reminder system effective when it comes to replacing contact lenses as directed? (Vistakon)
Hydrogen peroxide as a better alternative care regimen for RGP and rigid CL
Hyaluronan in human tears before and after exposure to contact lens care (B+L)
Cleaning efficacy of a novel multipurpose lens solution on various contact lens materials (Alcon)
Multipurpose contact lens care solutions' effects on membrane-associated mucin expressions in the rat cornea (Menicon)
Incidence of corneal infiltrative events with a new contact lens solution
An evaluation of the antimicrobial attributes of B+L's dual-disinfectant MPS against an array of microbial organisms
Effect of a MPDS containing Polyquaternium-1 and alexidine di-hydrochloride on contamination of contact lens cases
Do contact lens wearers remember what products they are using? (Alcon)
Impact of CL case hygiene guidelines on CL case contamination
Comparison of the stand-alone antimicrobial efficacy of three dual disinfection multipurpose disinfection solutions. CLS

Dr. Gromacki is a diplomate in the Cornea, Contact Lenses, and Refractive Technologies section of the American Academy of Optometry. She is chief research optometrist at Keller Community Hospital in West Point, N.Y.

Contact Lens Spectrum, Issue: December 2011