Article Date: 6/1/2013

Editor�s Perspective
editor’s perspective

Looking Out for 2013 Contact Lens Trends



In the January 2013 issue of Contact Lens Spectrum, our annual report summarizing 2012 showed some exciting trends, one of the most significant being daily disposable prescribing. As noted in the report, there was double-digit growth in daily disposable prescribing in 2012, particularly in the North American market. As we are now about midway through 2013, I think it is valuable to reflect on the year thus far and to consider the potential trends that may emerge as 2013 draws to a close.

Although daily disposable prescribing (particularly with the entry of new technologies in this category) is clearly a dynamic area of special interest, there will likely be other important trends to track. The prescribing of contact lens material is one that immediately comes to mind. In a significant development, last year was the first year in which we saw an apparent slowing, or even a decline, in silicone hydrogel prescribing (compared with traditional hydrogel materials). Will that be the case in 2013 as well? Time will tell.

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Contact Lens Spectrum, Volume: 28 , Issue: June 2013, page(s): 13