Article Date: 6/1/2013

Editor�s Perspective
editor’s perspective

Daily Disposable Prescribing Finally Begins to Trend Up



As noted in our annual report for 2012, published in the January 2013 edition of Contact Lens Spectrum, the daily disposable segment of the contact lens market was the segment of the contact lens market associated with the most growth for the second year running. This is indeed exciting news, particularly as the United States market has lagged behind other worldwide markets for many years in terms of daily disposable prescribing trends. It seems that practitioners here are beginning to embrace the notion that daily disposables are associated with the best comfort, convenience and ocular health in terms of the individual contact lens-wearing experience.

As you will note in this Special Edition of Contact Lens Spectrum, we are on the verge of seeing an even greater revolution in the daily disposable segment of the market. Innovation, rather than incremental advances in product development, is what drives market-leading advances and adoption of new ideas and technologies. As you will see in this issue of Contact Lens Spectrum, we are now seeing an entirely new material technology being used in the daily disposable platform. It’s only to be anticipated that new technologies such as this will further drive trends we observe in clinical practice. We hope you enjoy this Special Edition on daily disposable contact lenses and associated new material technologies as you consider adopting new prescribing trends in your practice.


Contact Lens Spectrum, Volume: 13 , Issue: June 2013, page(s): 5