Article Date: 8/1/2013

Editor's Perspective
editor’s perspective

Put Your Best Foot Forward



A recent report from ZenithOptimedia forecasts that global advertising spending in 2013 would be $518 billion, up 3.9 percent over 2012 spending. There is even stronger growth in many of the emerging markets such as Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Probably not surprisingly, the media sector with the strongest advertising growth is the Internet, but television advertising is also expected to show modest growth as well. Traditional print media such as newspapers are expected to show a decline in advertising dollars from those in 2012.

The most successful contact lens practices employ very proactive marketing strategies. Some of my most successful colleagues emphasize the importance of having short- and long-term marketing strategies in place, perhaps developed in consultation with a public relations specialist who has your specific practice goals in mind.

Your first and most important assignment in messaging is to explain your practice’s guiding philosophy. Then elaborate the specific qualities and values that your practice employs in meeting your patients’ needs. Make sure patients are informed about all up-to-date technologies that you utilize to improve their eye care, including the latest innovations in contact lenses.

Remember, persistence pays. This accounts in part for the continual repetition of successful advertising campaigns. Constantly keep your practice in the public eye—this takes more than simply having an up-to-date webpage. Today’s consumers use a wide variety of other social media, offering greater opportunities to get your message out. Stick with it, and new patients will stick with you.


Contact Lens Spectrum, Volume: 28 , Issue: August 2013, page(s): 13