Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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August 2006

Letter From the Editor

Disinfection Criteria for Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solutions

Panelists discuss the importance of real-world testing.

Lens-Solution Interactions

The potential for corneal staining warrants careful consideration and raises complex questions.

Changing the Practitioner's Role in Complaince

With lens-solution interactions becoming more common, we need to choose the right solution and convince our patients to stay with it.

Patient Compliance With Disinfection

Rather than staying with their same products, patients ofent shop around. The result can be problematic.

Taking Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management to the Next Level

New diagnostic instruments and drug therapies are giving clinicians the tools they need to manage glaucoma better than ever before. Still, challenges remain. Read on for the latest news.

Improving Patient Compliance for Better Visual Outcomes

Understanding the barriers to compliance will help you develop new strategies that will lead to improved patient care.

Travoprost Develops a Strong Track Record for Safety and Efficacy

New studies show travoprost lowers IOP and sustains lasting effects. These findings and others that show travoprost's efficacy and safety may encourage clinicians to use the drug in more patients to promote better outcomes.

Clinical Considerations of the Latest Research for Better Glaucoma Management

With new trial results in hand, doctors will better understand how the different glaucoma agents fit into the therapeutic spectrum

Applying the Most Recent Clinical Data to Improve Glaucoma Treatment

The following case study will give clinicians new ideas on how to use travopost 0.004% (TRAVATAN solution) in their daily practicve to better manage glaucoma patients.