Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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October 2005

Rescuing the Rescuer

When it came to reading the Snellen chart, this patient had no problems with spectacles. But his life outside the eyecare practitioner's office demanded a new approach.

One Patient + No Contacts = Six Patients Gone

Sometimes a "rule of thumb" needs to be bent. In this case, inflexibility in one practice sent a whole family elsewhere.

Leaving the Red-eye Roller Coaster

Already sold on contact lenses, this patient was plagued with chronic red eye until his eyecare practitioner uncovered an undiagnosed problem.

Patience, Persistence And a Full Toolbox

Confused by her symptoms, this patient finally found an eyecare practitioner who sorted them out and worked with her to find the best contact lenses.

Fresh Eyes on an Old Problem

A childhood injury and a dire prediction convinced this patient to accept poor vision. But his eyecare practitioner was not satisfied with the status quo.

History Lesson: OD Passes the Test

The patient questionnaire gave her eyecare practitioner important clues to this librarian's contact lens intolerance.

Dropout Drops Back In to Stay

This patient gave contact lenses another try — and is glad she did — thanks to her eyecare practitioner's commitment and realistic expectations.