Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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June 2013

Special Edition 2013
Editor’s Perspective

Daily Disposable Prescribing Finally Begins to Trend Up

Special Edition 2013
Research Review

Close to the Edge: Oxygen at the Lens Periphery

Special Edition 2013
Prescribing for Presbyopia

Daily Disposables: Problem Solver for the Presbyope

Special Edition 2013
Contact Lens Design & Material

Novel Water Gradient Lens Material

Special Edition 2013
Dry Eye Dx and Tx

How Daily Disposable Lenses Can Address Contact Lens Dryness

Special Edition 2013
Contact Lens Care & Compliance

Compliance With Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Special Edition 2013
The Shifting Prescribing Paradigm

Learn why so many practitioners now choose daily disposables as their go-to lenses.

Special Edition 2013
Dealing With Discomfort

An in-depth look at the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of contact lens-related dryness.

Special Edition 2013
Clinical Relevance of Contact Lens Lubricity

Using science to provide better comfort for CL wearers.

Special Edition 2013
Measuring Friction and Lubricity of Soft Contact Lenses: A Review

Comfort may be tied to friction and lubricity.

Special Edition 2013
Introducing Water Gradient Technology

Daily disposable contact lenses with water gradient technology represent a new era in contact lens wear.

Special Edition 2013
The Development of Dailies Total1 Water Gradient Contact Lenses

Research led to a departure from using a single bulk material for the whole lens.

Special Edition 2013
Groundbreaking Technology Debuts in Daily Disposable Market

Panelists discuss a unique new lens that has surprising characteristics designed to defeat discomfort.

Special Edition 2013
Contact Lens Practice Pearls

Setting the Stage for Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Special Edition 2013
The Business of Contact Lenses

Winning the Race

Special Edition 2013
Pediatric and Teen CL Care

Why Daily Disposable Lenses Make Sense for Children

Special Edition 2013
Treatment Plan

Contact Lens Discomfort: Can Past Workshops Provide Insight?