Retinal Physician Article Submission Guidelines-Prescribing for Astigmatism and Presbyopia


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September 2011

Special Edition 2011
Editor's Perspective

Innovation to Move the Field Forward

Special Edition 2011
From Laboratory to Clinical Practice

Opti-Free PureMoist MPDS meets the needs of today's contact lens wearers

Special Edition 2011

Impact of Solution on Comfort

Special Edition 2011
Research Review

CL Case Hygiene: Evidence-based Guidelines & Impact of Care Systems

Special Edition 2011
Prescribing for Presbyopia

Considerations of the Aging Eye When Fitting Contact Lenses

Special Edition 2011
GP Insights

GP Lens Care Options

Special Edition 2011
Contact Lens Design & Materials

Effect of Contact Lens Material on Solution Performance

Special Edition 2011
Dry Eye Dx and Tx

Lipids and Proteins in Dry Eye

Special Edition 2011
Contact Lens Care & Compliance

Comfort Still the Key to Keeping Patients in Lenses for Life

Special Edition 2011
The Many Faces of Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

More than a decade after their introduction, researchers are still working to enhance the lens-wearing experience

Special Edition 2011
Exploring the Science and Technology of Contact Lens Comfort

Is there more we can do to improve comfort and reduce dropouts?

Special Edition 2011
Development of a New Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution: Concept to Clinic

Creating and securing approval of a new MPS is a multifaceted and resource-intensive effort

Special Edition 2011
Clinical Trial Experience with Opti-Free PureMoist MPDS

The new solution was evaluated in two randomized, double-masked, clinical trials with 1,164 patients

Special Edition 2011
Contact Lens Practice Pearls

Keeping Symptomatic Patients in Contact Lenses

Special Edition 2011
The Business of Contact Lenses

Satisfied Patients Make Better Customers

Special Edition 2011
Pediatric and Teen CL Care

Are Kids Safe From Dry Eye?

Special Edition 2011
Treatment Plan

Comparing Dry Eye & CLIDE