Contact Lens Spectrum

June 2007

Document #139




(p. 17) Contact Lens Materials: Fitting a Challenging Case with a Custom Silicone Hydrogel, By Lyndon Jones, PhD, FCOptom, FAAO, Kathy Dumbleton, MSc, MCOptom, FAAO, & Jill Woods, BSc, MCOptom


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(p. 22) Slowing Myopia Progression with Lenses, By Jeffrey J. Walline, OD, PhD


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(p. 28) Lab Consultants Can Boost Your Success, by Mary Coupe Bekker


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(p. 41) Improving Underwater Vision, By Brian Chou, OD, Jerome A. Legerton, OD, & Jim Schwiegerling, PhD


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(p. 49) Treament Plan: Treating Infiltrative Keratitis in Contact Lens Wearers, By William L. Miller, OD, PhD, FAAO


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