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September 2012

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(p. 16) Research Review – Is There Value in Correcting Ocular Aberrations With Lenses?

By Eric Papas, PhD, MCOptom, DipCL, FAAO


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(p. 21) Contact Lens Design & Materials – GP Material Properties Review

By Ronald K. Watanabe, OD, FAAO


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(p. 24) Dry Eye Dx and Tx – Inspiration for Eyecare Diligence from an Unlikely Source

By Katherine M. Mastrota, MS, OD, FAAO


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(p. 25) Contact Lens Care & Compliance – Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Disinfection, Part 2

By Susan J. Gromacki, OD, MS, FAAO


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(p. 26) Incorporating Wavefront Error in Contact Lenses

By Jason Marsack, PhD


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(p. 30) Complications When You Least Expect Them

By Alex Hui, OD


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(p. 34) FDA Clinical Trials and the Regulatory Process

By Richard E. Lippman, OD, FAAO




(p. 45) Treatment Plan – Delousing the Eyelids

By William L. Miller, OD, PhD, FAAO


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(p. 46) Reader and Industry Forum – Scleral Lens Classification: a Different Approach

By Peter E. Wilcox, OD, FOAA


(p. 50) Reader and Industry Forum – Limitations of Instrstromal Corneal Rings in Keratoconus

By Bezalel Schendowich, OD, FIACLE


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