Contact Lens Spectrum


Special 13th Edition, publishing in late November 2017

Document #SE2017

(p. 6) RESEARCH REVIEW: Microbial keratitis and specialty contact lens wear
By S. Barry Eiden, OD

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(p. 13) DRY EYE DX & TX: Contact Lenses for Ocular Surface Disease
By Amber Gaume Giannoni, OD

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(p. 14) CUSTOM SOFT: Are We Too General When It Comes to Soft Lens Fitting?
By Stephanie Ramdass, OD

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(p. 15) CARE & COMPLIANCE: Top Three Tips for Caring for Specialty Contact Lenses
By Andrew D. Pucker, OD, PhD

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(p. 66) PEDIATRIC & TEEN: Myopia Control
By Melanie Frogozo, OD

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(p. 69) PRESCRIBING FOR ASTIGMATISM: Residual Astigmatism With Scleral Lenses
By Elaine Chen, OD, & Timothy Edrington, OD, MS

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(p. 70) CASE REPORTS: Customized Scleral Fitting Post-PTK and Corneal Rings
By Luciano Bastos

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