Contact Lens Spectrum


June 2017

Document #259

(p. 14) International Perspectives – The Great Wall of China 中国的角膜接触镜长城
By Eef van der Worp, BOptom, PhD, & Zhi Chen, MD, PhD

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(p. 19) Contact Lens Design & Materials – Maximizing Corneal Oxygen with Scleral Lens Use
By Andrew D. Pucker, OD, PhD

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(p. 20) Dry Eye Dx and Tx – Identifying Hidrandenitis Suppurativa
By Katherine M. Mastrota, MS, OD

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(p. 48) The Business of Contact Lenses – Please Stop Saying That
By Clarke D. Newman, OD


(p. 50) Pediatric and Teen CL Care – Contact Lens Management of Congenital Cataracts
By Melanie Frogozo, OD

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(p. 56) Contact Lens Case Reports – Extended/Continuous Wear of Scleral Lenses
By Patrick J. Caroline & Mark P. André

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