Contact Lens Spectrum


December 2018

Document #277

(p. 12) International Perspective – Maximize the Opportunity for Part-Time Contact Lens Wear
By Deborah Jones, BSc(Hons), FCOptom, & Jill Woods, BSc(Hons), MCOptom

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(p. 15) GP Insights – Praise for Piggyback Contact Lenses
By Roxanna T. Potter, OD

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(p. 17) Contact Lens Design & Materials – Selecting GP Contact Lenses
By Andrew D. Pucker, OD, PhD

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(p. 18) Dry Eye Dx and Tx – A Look at Alagille Syndrome
By Katherine M. Mastrota, MS, OD

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(p. 19) Custom Soft Corner – When the Cookie Cutter Formula Fails
By Stephanie Ramdass, OD, MS

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(p. 40) Is This the New Norm? – Corneal Cross-Linking for Keratoconus
By Mile Brujic, OD, & David L. Kading, OD

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(p. 41) Contact Lens Practice Pearls – Are You Missing the Boat with Presbyopes?
By Jason R. Miller, OD, MBA

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(p. 44) Pediatric and Teen CL Care – Managing Marfan Syndrome
By Melanie Frogozo, OD

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(p. 45) Prescribing for Astigmatism – Oxygen Considerations for Soft Toric Lenses
By Manveen Bedi, OD; Jocelyn Ou, OD, & Timothy B. Edrington, OD, MS

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(p. 46) Reader and Industry Forum – Scleral Asymmetry: Also in Diameters
By Daddi Fadel, DOptom

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