Contact Lens Spectrum


December 2019

Document #289

(p. 13) Prescribing for Presbyopia – Orthokeratology for Presbyopia
By Matthew Lampa, OD

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(p. 14) GP Insights – Blepharoptosis and GPs: Are We Doing Harm?
By Roxanna T. Potter, OD

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(p. 15) Dry Eye Dx and Tx – Depression and Dry Eye
By Katherine M. Mastrota, MS, OD

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(p. 46) Orthokeratology Today – Prescribe Like They Are Your Kids
By Michael J. Lipson, OD

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(p. 48) Pediatric and Teen CL Care – Atropine and Lenses for Myopia Management
By Melanie Frogozo, OD

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