Contact Lens Spectrum


May 2019

Document #282

(p. 12) Refractive Focus – An Ode to My Retinoscope
By Roxanna T. Potter, OD

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(p. 19) Contact Lens Care & Compliance – Compliance with Cosmetic Contact Lenses
By Melissa Barnett, OD

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(p. 41) Orthokeratology Today – What Does Ortho-k Do for Patients?
By Michael J. Lipson, OD

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(p. 42) The Scleral Lens Vault – Reservoir Flux
By Gregory W. DeNaeyer, OD

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(p. 46) Reader and Industry Forum – Eradicating Pediatric Keratoconus
By Benjamin Azman, OD, & Irwin Azman, OD

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(p. 47) Reader and Industry Forum – Managing Ocular Viral Infection: Old Is New Again
By Agustin Gonzalez, OD

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