Contact Lens Spectrum


May 2020

Document #294

(p. 12) Research Review – The (Corneoscleral) Shape of What’s to Come
By S. Barry Eiden, OD

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(p. 14) Prescribing for Presbyopia – What Are Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) Lenses?
By Thomas G. Quinn, OD, MS

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(p. 15) GP Insights – Scleral Lens Application Devices
By Laurel Roberts, OD, & John Mark Jackson, OD, MS

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(p. 17) Dry Eye Dx and Tx – SARS-CoV-2 and Eye Care
By Amber Gaume Giannoni, OD

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(p. 18) Contact Lens Care & Compliance – Daily Disposables: Boost Complications, Not Waste
By Melissa Barnett, OD

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(p. 46) Scleral Lens Vault – Manage Keratoconus with CXL and Scleral Lenses
By Karen L. Lee

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(p. 52) Contact Lens Case Reports – Corneal and Scleral Toricity
By Gregory W. DeNaeyer, OD

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