treatment plan

Writer's Block

treatment plan
Writer's Block

I was tardy submitting this month's column. I am usually compulsive about obligations, so this is an uncommon event. Unfortunately, I have writer's block. I could not think of a topic that was interesting and worth your

interesting and worth your time and effort to read. I obviously am not saying that there aren't zillions of great topics to write about; I just cannot conjure up any at the moment.

So I thought I would ask you readers what you want to see in this column. This serves two purposes: first, it stalls the editor, publisher and important staff members a little while I recover, and second, it gives you the opportunity to prime the pump for topics that you find truly interesting.

Therefore, below is a simple questionnaire, which you can fax to me. You can submit it anonymously if you want; otherwise, please indicate whether or not you want your name mentioned when I discuss your topic. If there are a ton of responses, I will probably pass some on to my column mate, Leo Semes, OD, FAAO, who has no clue that I am volunteering him to help out. But he is a gentleman and a scholar, so I'm sure he will be happy to lend a hand.

Please take a moment to let me know what's important to you.

Dr. McMahon is a professor and Director of the Contact Lens Service at the University of Illinois at Chicago Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences.


1. What topic(s) would you most like to read about in this column?

2. Do you prefer visual elements like tables and figures, or is text alone sufficient?

3. Are you interested in seeing a photo gallery of interesting diseases and disorders?


You can fax your completed form to me at (312) 996-4908. You can also e-mail suggestions to me at

Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon.