Product Spectrum

New Lens for Fitting PMD and Keratoconus

Metro Optics has introduced the ComfortKone OZ (Off-Center Zone) fitting set. The lens is designed to fit corneas that have developed keratoconus cones in the inferior periphery or pell-
ucid marginal degeneration (PMD).

Based on the tri-aspheric design of the original ComfortKone lens, ComfortKone OZ also considers the additional curves needed to comfortably fit the interior apex of conditions such as PMD and some cases of keratoconus, according to the manufacturer.

Metro Optics strongly advises using a fitting set to fit complex cases such as these. Call (800) 223-1858 or visit

FDA Approves New GP Material

The Lagado Corporation has received FDA marketing approval for its Tyro-97 (hofocon A), a new hydrophilic-surface fluoro-silicone-acrylate GP contact lens material. The approval covers spherical, aspheric, toric and bifocal contact lenses for daily wear.

The new material has a Dk value of 97 and a wetting angle of 23 degrees. Lagado says that the Tyro-97 formula contains a combination of hydrophilic monomers to produce a hydrophilic surface that is wettable and comfortable. Tyro-97 lenses can be fabricated in blue, green, gray, blue/green and clear tints, with or without a UV absorber, and will be available from custom contact lens laboratories worldwide. Lagado recommends the new lens for wearers who need higher oxygen permeability and thicker lens designs. Call (800) 574-2581 or visit

Eye Nutraceutical for Smokers


ScienceBased Health has launched MacularProtect Complete-S, an all-in-one nutritional formulation designed to help protect macular and full body health. It's free of beta-carotene for individuals who should avoid high intake of beta-caro-tene, such as smokers.

MacularProtect Complete-S also contains antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene; protective flavonoids; B vitamins; and other essential vitamins and minerals to protect the entire body, according to the manufacturer. Call (888) 433-4726 or visit

LASIK Eyelid Drapes

Odyssey Medical now offers Lasik Eyelid Drapes, which are designed to provide a sterile adhesive surgical barrier for a variety of ophthalmic procedures. They can also be trimmed to any size or configuration to aid in retracting lashes without obstructing the surgical site. Call (888) 905-7770 or visit

Help Visually Impaired Patients Read

Plustek Inc., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of consumer and professional imaging devices, has launched the only reading peripheral device under $700 that is devoted totally to book reading for the vision impaired, according to the manufacturer. Plustek's Book Reader has both Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature sets and can be customized to read books in several different languages. Users place a book or document on the screen and press one button, after which the device transforms the print into audio format, which can be saved in MP3 format for future access. Embedded OCR allows the software to rotate disoriented text to generate a clear message for the user, according to the manufacturer. Visit

Easier Over-refraction

Gulden Ophthalmics now offers the Gulden Over Refraction Rack. It contains ±0.25D, ±0.50D and ±0.75D lenses mounted in a system that allows you to place the lenses over the patient's spectacles. Gulden says it's also a great way to over-refract contact lens patients, especially monovision and bifocal patients. Call (800) 659-2250 or visit