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product spectrum
New Bi-Aspheric Keratoconus Lens

Valley Contax of Springfield, OR, recently announced the exclusive manufacture and distribution of the I Kone keratoconus lens designed by Rob Breece, OD, of Innovations in Sight. The new I Kone bi-aspheric design is especially indicated for acuity and centration problems related to keratoconus, according to Valley Contax. The I Kone utilizes a larger overall diameter to distribute the weight of the lens more evenly over the cornea.

The I Kone is available in any base curve and power with standard diameters of 8.8mm, 9.6mm and 10.4mm. The 14-lens fitting set comes in base curves ranging from 44.00D through 70.00D in 2.00D steps and the 9.6mm diameter. Valley Contax says that the standard design allows practitioners to modify the diameter, base curve, power, optic zone and edge lift during the fitting process.

I Kone lenses are manufactured in Boston XO material. Call (800) 547-8815 or visit


Daily Disposable Color

CIBA Vision has launched its FreshLook One-Day daily disposable colored contact lenses. The lenses incorporate the FreshLook ColorBlends patented 3-in-1 technology into the Focus Dailies platform, which includes the nelfilcon A material and patented LightStream technology.

Parameters include a 13.8mm diameter, 8.6mm base curve and powers of �0.50D to �6.00D in 0.25D steps as well as plano. The lenses will be available in FreshLook ColorBlends colors Pure Hazel, Blue, Green and Gray � and will be sold in 10-packs. CIBA says that existing Focus Dailies wearers do not require a refit for FreshLook One-Day.Call (800) 241-5999 or visit

Anterior Segment OCT

Heidelberg Engineering GmbH has received FDA clearance for its Slit Lamp-Mounted Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (SL-OCT) device. The SL-OCT was first introduced in Europe and received CE mark certification in 2003.

According to Heidelberg, this device is the first commercial application of OCT for anterior segment imaging. The SL-OCT provides noncontact cross-sectional scans of the anterior segment. Chamber angle, pachymetry, flap thickness, corneal curvature and comprehensive biometric measurements are possible with the instrument as well as pre- and post-surgical comparisons, according to the manufacturer. Call (760) 598-3770 or visit


Supplement for Dry Eye

Cynacon/OcuSoft now offers Tears Again Hydrate, a soft-gel supplement for dry eye. The formulation contains an omega-3 essential fatty acid, flaxseed oil, an omega-6 essential fatty acid, evening primrose oil and bilberry extract, microencapsulated in a proprietary liposome process. The manufacturer says that the formulation improves absorption and provides longer lasting relief that may lead to improved tolerability of these oils in the digestive track.

Tears Again Hydrate is available only through doctor's offices. Call (800) 233-5469 or visit

Free Practice Management Tool

C&E Vision Services, Inc. has released a free Web-based financial simulation model for independent eyecare professionals, allowing them to benchmark significant aspects of their practice revenue and operating costs against a "typical" practice of similar size and revenue. The Independent Eyecare Professional Benchmark Analysis model also provides an opportunity to test potential impact on bottom-line profit effects of many "what if" decisions.

The guest version ( has limited input options, while the C&E Vision Services RewardPlus member edition provides a comprehensive input matrix for numerous variables. Call (800) 346-7603 or visit