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product spectrum
Custom Soft Toric, Quick Delivery


SpecialEyes, LLC has introduced its 59 Toric soft contact lens. The lens offers a wide range of parameters to provide a personalized fit and optimum acuity for virtually any astigmatic patient, according to SpecialEyes.

Parameters for the 59 Toric, manufactured in hioxifilcon A, include diameters from 12.5mm to 16.0mm in 0.1mm steps, base curves from 6.9mm to 9.5mm in 0.1mm steps, sphere powers up to 15.00D in 0.10D steps, cylinder powers from �0.50D to �8.00D in 0.10D steps and around-the-clock axes.

SpecialEyes offers standard four-day delivery or expedited two-day delivery. Call (866) 404-1060 or visit

New GP Lens and Surface Treatment

Accu Lens Inc. recently launched its Clarity Plus dual aspheric GP multifocal contact lens for patients who need up to +2.50D add. According to Accu Lens, its proprietary dual optics allow for an alignment fit without sacrificing sharp stable vision at all distances.

Accu Lens also now offers the Aqua-Wet Plasma Treatment, a cold gas plasma energetic process that uses oxygen and electrical energy to transform the molecular structure of a GP lens surface. Lenses treated with Aqua-Wet have enhanced wettability to improve patient comfort, according to Accu Lens. The company recommends the treatment for patients who have dry eyes or oily tear films or who are new GP lens wearers. Call (800) 525-2470 or visit

Expandable Punctal Plug Available

Oasis Medical, Inc. has introduced the Form Fit punctal plug, a long-term intracanalicular plug made of a hydrogel material. Once in contact with the tear film, Form Fit expands out to 20 times its volume (original size 3.0mm x 0.3mm) into a soft, pliable gelatinous material that fills the entire canalicular cavity within 10 minutes, according to Oasis Medical.

Unlike traditional silicone plugs, Form Fit has no cap or anchor system to cause potential dislodgement or foreign body sensation, and it's easily removed by irrigation through the punctal opening. It's available pre-loaded on an inserter in packages of either 10 plugs or two plugs. Call (800) 528-9786.

Magnifiers for Low Vision Patients


Gulden Ophthalmics now offers a new family of aspheric 5x magnifiers. They're lightweight and durable with recessed lenses to protect them from scratches, according to Gulden. All three are 20.00D, 50mm diameter magnifiers featuring a scratch-coated aspheric acrylic lens.

The magnifiers are available in three configurations that, according to Gulden, fit most vision-impaired patients' magnification needs: A stand for patients who have unsteady hands, finger-held ring for the pocket and hand held with a handle. Call (800) 659-2250 or visit

New 3-D Presbyopia Patient Education

Refractec, Inc., an ophthalmic device manufacturer, and Eyemaginations, Inc., an interactive design and multimedia development firm, have created a specialized presbyopia patient education animation program. Targeted for ophthalmologists, the program features 3-D animations simulating presbyopia and Refractec's NearVision CK (conductive keratoplasty), which is the only non-laser treatment for near vision loss associated with presbyopia, according to the manufacturers. The PC-based package is available for use in waiting rooms, exam rooms and consultation areas.

The program also offers practitioners the ability to update into the Eyemaginations 3D-Eye Office full software suite, allowing them to add hundreds of other animations including their own video segments. Call (877) 321-5481 or visit