Product Spectrum

product spectrum

New Option for Irregular Corneas

Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc. now offers the Rose K IC (Irregular Cornea) lens. Featuring a standard diameter of 11.2mm with availability of up to 12mm, the company says Rose K IC lenses are indicated for all irregular cornea applications.

Primary applications according to Blanchard include pellucid marginal degeneration, globus cones, post graft and LASIK-induced ectasia. Secondary applications include nipple cones and oval cones.

Blanchard states that the new design features a "Systematic Approach to Fitting" to provide a consistent, predictable fitting process. Rose K IC lenses are manufactured with a larger posterior surface optical zone for improved vision performance in dim illumination, an aspheric posterior surface aberration-control optic for overall improvement in vision performance and reverse geometry para-central fitting curves for improved fitting characteristics for these difficult lens applications, according to Blanchard. Call (800) 367-4009 or visit

Marketing for Annual Lens Supplies

ABB Optical has developed an exclusive service that enables online creation of an Annual Supply Savings Card for use in patient presentations. ABB says it created the cards to help practitioners increase their annual supply sales ratio.

According to ABB, the two-sided laminated card dramatizes the savings achieved by purchasing annual supplies for up to eight soft lens brands that practitioners specify online. Practitioners also indicate their retail pricing for each brand. The cards also show current manufacturer rebates and patient savings.

ABB contends that patients don't typically purchase an annual supply at their exam visit because practitioners don't routinely present them with the savings they achieve in doing so. This card addressing this need is available to all ABB accounts. Call (800) 852-8089.


A Slit Lamp in Hand

Reichert Ophthalmic Instruments has introduced its PSL Portable Slit Lamp, a hand-held instrument that can be used on any patient, in any position, according to the manufacturer. The PSL slit lamp weighs only 1.5 pounds and includes a carrying case, making it ideal for non-ambulatory patients, nursing home visits, etc., according to Reichert.

The PSL slit lamp utilizes a high luminance white LED light source that has a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more with no bulbs to replace. The slit lamp comes with two rechargeable batteries that, according to the manufacturer, can power the unit at maximum illumination for up to two hours. It also comes with a battery charger. Call (716) 686-4500 or visit

Pocket-size Quick Reference Cards

Gulden Ophthalmics now offers its Dovie Cards — color-coded, pocket-size cards to serve as quick reference guides for practitioners.

The Dovie Ophthalmics Drug Card features more than 65 ophthalmic medications, including manufacturer, available strengths, available sizes and typical dosage, categorized by diagnoses. It also includes information on pediatric dosing and the mechanism of action of some drugs.

The Dovie Peds and Pupil Card highlights information on 11 common binocular vision disorders and their associated clinical exam findings. Included are binocular vision and accommodative testing normal/expected values for many pediatric/bino-cular vision disorders as well as a pupil's reference guide illustrating several common papillary anomalies, how to test and confirm diagnosis and associated ICD-9 billing codes. Both cards are the size of a typical Rx pad. Call (215) 884-8105 or visit

Software Upgrade Aids Patient Education

Trevi Technology's Ocutouch v3.0 includes a new Drawing Tool that allows practitioners to use their mouse to draw on the images shown on the computer screen. It can be used anywhere in the program to annotate an illustration, explain a concept or answer a patient's question. Trevi says the tool is effective at improving physician/
patient communication as they consider their treatment options. Call (888) 668-7384 or visit