Letters to the Editor

letters to the editor

Staining Study Methodologies

In his March 2007 article titled, The New Math of Corneal Staining, Milton M. Hom, OD, FAAO, does make one important point that we all should consider when selecting a multipurpose solution for our patients. He states, A break in the epithelium is the first step for bacteria to get a foothold into the cornea. With this important risk factor in mind, I certainly wonder why Dr. Hom wants us to focus on insignificant cases of 0 percent vs. 2 percent staining examples when it's 73 percent, 48 percent and 36 percent staining that is of real concern to contact lens patients.

As we're both professional researchers, I'm also dismayed that Dr. Hom never discussed the specifics of this study directly with me before making incorrect assumptions about the methodologies. Readers interested in the factual details of the Staining Grid study should consult the official Web site, .

Gary Andrasko, OD, MS, Columbus, OH

Recalls a Rising Trend?

I've been in practice for close to 22 years now. In the past year I've seen more recalls than in all the previous years combined. Alcon's Systane Free Liquid Gel, Advanced Medical Optic's Complete MoisturePlus multipurpose solution, Bausch &Lomb's ReNu MoistureLoc multipurpose contact lens solution, CIBA Vision's O2Optix contact lenses and now B&L's ReNu MultiPlus have all had partial or total recalls.

Is this alarming trend indicative of a more serious problem with quality control or can we just blame it on global warming?

Robert W. Stetekluh, OD, Arlington, VA

Remembering Neal Bailey

Contact lens practitioners are highly indebted to the late Neal J. Bailey, OD, PhD, for his contributions. He was a giant in optometry and the contact lens industry.

In addition to his personal achievements that Dr. Barr described in his February editorial, Dr. Bailey created fluorescein photography of rigid contact lenses and the corneal interference they induced.

Neal and I developed a close relationship when he discontinued teaching at The Ohio State University College of Optometry and before he resumed optometric practice and became editor of Contact Lens Forum. During this period I owned Conforma Contact Lens Laboratories, Inc, and I hired him. Together we presented contact lens programs in several cities.

Our relationship continued when he was widowed and moved to Laredo, Texas, to live with his daughter Nancy.

We shall forever be grateful and appreciative of the contributions Neal made to optometry and to the contact lens professions.

Joe B. Goldberg, OD, FAAO