Product Spectrum

Product Spectrum

CooperVision Launches Two New Lenses

CooperVision, Inc. has introduced its Proclear Multifocal Toric and this month plans to introduce its Proclear 1-Day contact lens.

The Proclear Multifocal Toric is the only multifocal toric lens available in a monthly modality, according to CooperVision. The company says the lens is also part of the PC Hydrogel family of contact lenses made with omafilcon A, combining CooperVision Balanced Progressive Technology and PC Technology to enhance the lens-wetting experience for astigmatic presbyopes. Lens parameters include sphere powers of +4.00D to –6.00D in 0.25D steps; add powers of +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D and +2.50D; cylinder powers of –0.75D, –1.25D, –1.75D and –2.25D in axes of five degrees to 180 degrees in five-degree steps; and base curves of 8.4mm and 8.8mm.

The daily disposable Proclear 1-Day lens is also part of the PC Hydrogel lens family and, according to the company, offers excellent overall comfort as well as improved comfort for wearers at the end of the day. It features CooperVision's Aberration Neutralising aspheric optics for sharper vision. Parameters include 8.7mm base curve; 14.2mm diameter; sphere powers of –0.25D to –6.50D in 0.25D steps and –6.50D to –10.00D in 0.50D steps (0.25D steps available May 2007); center thickness of 0.09mm at –3.00DS; and 0.07mm edge thickness with a round edge design. The lens Dk is 33 and Dk/t is 37 at –3.00DS. Call (800) 538-7824 or visit

New Bifocal GP Option, GP Care System

Menicon America, Inc. has launched Menifocal Z in the United States through Lens Dynamics, Inc. The GP concentric bifocal design features distance-center/peripheral-near front surface optics. Menicon says it designed the front surface distance-near transition zone to eliminate ghost images. The spherical base curve is easy to fit and provides excellent comfort and correction for low to moderate astigmatism without corneal molding, according to the company. Research studies indicate that Menifocal Z manufactured in Menicon Z material is safe for daily wear or up to 30 days of continuous wear. Call Lens Dynamics at (800) 228-2691.

Menicon America also launched its new MeniCare GP lens care system for GP lenses in the United States, replacing Claris products. Menicon says the new system is especially recommended for hyper-Dk GPs or plasma-treated lenses. It consists of the MeniCare GP Cleaning, Disinfecting and Storage (CDS) solution and the MeniCare GP Wetting and Rewetting Drop. Patients must fully rinse the CDS solution from their lenses before using the rewetting drop. Both solutions are preserved with benzyl alcohol. Call (800) MENICON (636-4266.

Diagnostic System for Fitting Keratoconus

ABBA Optical has introduced ABBA K_3, a new diagnostic system for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities. The K_3 System contains lens designs ranging in diameters from 8.4mm to 13.5mm and base curves ranging from 39.00D to 68.00D in both spherical and aspherical geometries. ABBA says its ABBA K_3 is a unique approach utilizing multiple lens designs in an easy-to-use system to help practitioners reduce office visits for their most difficult-to-fit patients. The lenses are manufactured in Optimum GP Materials (Contamac). Call (800) 331-2015 or visit www.abbaoptical

Expanded PureVision Toric Parameters

Bausch & Lomb has expanded the parameters of its PureVision Toric silicone hydrogel lens to include plus powers as well as a higher cylinder across the entire correction range.

The new parameters include plus powers from +0.25D to +6.00D in 0.25D steps in cylinders of –0.75D, –1.25D and –1.75D in axes from 10 degrees to 180 degrees; and a higher cylinder of –2.25D across the entire range from +6.00D to –9.00D. Call (800) 828-9030 or visit

Silicone Hydrogels Go Custom

CIBA Vision is making available later this month its O2Optix Custom silicone hydrogel lens. Manufactured in sifilcon A, the lenses have a Dk/t of 117 at –3.00D and are available for high myopia, high hyperopia, large and small corneas, steep and flat corneas and aphakia.

CIBA plans to introduce the lens in additional markets later in 2007, and it will be known as Air Optix Individual in Europe. CIBA also plans to later expand the parameters to include toric designs.

CIBA developed the patented InnoLathe manufacturing technology to produce O2Optix Custom lenses. The new material and manufacturing process allow CIBA to lathe-cut the lenses.

Lens parameters include sphere powers from +20.00D to –20.00D in 0.25D steps; 13.2mm diameter in base curves of 7.8mm, 8.1mm, 8.4mm, 8.7mm or 9.0mm; or 14.8mm diameter in base curves of 8.0mm, 8.3mm, 8.6mm, 8.9mm or 9.2mm. The lenses have approval for daily wear with recommended quarterly replacement. Call (800) 241-5999 or visit www

New Contact Lens Training Resource

The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO) and the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists (CLAO) have introduced the JCAHPO/CLAO Contact Lens Learning System, a new, interactive computer-based training program to help eyecare professionals provide better care for their contact lens patients.

According to the developers, the JCAHPO/CLAO Contact Lens Learning System uses true-to-life computer simulation, custom animation and digital video techniques to teach technicians what they need to know about basic eye anatomy and physiology, optics, instrumentation, corneal topography, contact lens types and properties, and basic and advanced contact lens fitting. The training system is now available through JCAHPO at (800) 284-3937 or online at

Legal Defense and License Protection

SML Holdings has launched Save My License, a service designed to help professionals protect and save their licenses, their careers, their good name and their livelihood from state board and administrative regulatory actions.

Save My License enables licensed professionals of all types to receive up to $100,000 in costs and legal fees to defend against any state or national board, administrative or regulatory actions that threaten their license and their livelihood. Save My License plans offer protection levels of $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 that start at $49 per year. All levels of membership include protection against fines a member may be obligated to pay up to $5,000. is not an insurance company, but a member organization and professional society of licensed professionals. Members are afforded legal defense services and protection through a proprietary network of outside law firms throughout the United States, or they can use their own attorney of choice, according to the company.

This service is owned and operated by an institutional holding and investment company, SML Holding Corporation, and has been registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau and VeriSign. Visit