Editor's Perspective

Farewell to a Role I Will Always Love

editor's perspective

Farewell to a Role I Will Always Love


I had the good fortune to be asked by Dr. Neal Bailey and his colleagues who started Contact Lens Spectrum back in 1986 to be involved on their editorial team. I've been the only other editor since 1987. It has been a challenge and a joy. Over the years I've been amazed by brilliant contributors and advertisers. I've also been frustrated by advertisers and contributors who have asked us to publish things we didn't think were appropriate. There are too many of you to name who have given me the advice and counsel necessary to do this job. But you know who you are. And you know how sincerely I thank you.

Janet, you were there when I started and you are still at my side. I'll never be able to thank you enough for your support. Roger Zimmer and Pat Herron, and everyone in the LWW VisionCare Group, thank you for your trust and support. Ron Walker, thank you for your idea to create Contact Lenses Today, our e-mail newsletter. It wasn't such a crazy idea after all, and I've never received so many unsolicited thank yous about anything else in my life. Special thanks to Dr. Tom Quinn who has helped us with editorial content and advice over the past two years. Thanks to Lisa Starcher and to all the other tireless managing, associate and assistant editors who've worked so diligently to bring our readers the best that Contact Lens Spectrum could offer. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. It's been a privilege and an honor to be your editor.

I've met so many wonderful people in this field over the years and I appreciate those opportunities so much. I'm not leaving the contact lens field, not at all. I'm retiring from my faculty position at Ohio State University after 25 years of service and taking a research position in the industry. You won't hear much from me directly anymore, but I hope to still have an impact.

As we transition into new leadership at Contact Lens Spectrum and CLToday, I want you to know two things and I ask for one thing. First, I will do everything I can to prepare your new editing team. I know they will be great. Secondly, as you know, we bring you news and articles from manufacturers. I ceased making decisions about publishing information from manufacturers as soon as I knew I would be working with another company, and I'll continue to advise the new editorial team only regarding the technicalities of publishing.

Finally, I ask for your support. When I started this editing job I was only in my mid-30s. Neal Bailey spent hours teaching me. Your new editor Dr. Carla Mack has worked with me and Dr. Tom Quinn editing Contact Lens Spectrum for two years. Please support Carla like you've supported me. I've learned over the years that it takes a team to do this job, and she has chosen a good one. She and her team of editors know what they're doing and will continue to bring you an even higher quality publication, I am sure. Dr. Mack teaches specialty contact lens care, has treated innumerable contact lens complications, has lectured on modern contact lens modalities, writes on billing and coding of medical procedures, treats the clinical services she directs at Ohio State like her own practice and she even knows how to design a GP sphere and toric lens with a pen and paper. Communicate with her and her team and you will find Contact Lens Spectrum and CLToday will be even greater.

Many thanks to you all; it's been a wonderful privilege.

Joe Barr