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A GP Materials Guide

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A GP Materials Guide


A while back I had a student who fit a patient with a GP contact lens. When the time came to write the lens order, the student tried to order a Boston EO Fluoroperm 60 lens. Boston EO was written on the cover of the fitting set, so the student assumed this was the design of the lens. Needless to say, it was a great teaching experience.

After I explained the difference between lens design and lens material, it occurred to me that other students may have the same area of confusion. So, with the help of my contact lens resident, I compiled a comprehensive list of available GP lens materials including some basic information about each one. I purchased a home binding machine and went to work making study guides for my students in the clinic. When it was finished, I put a copy in the pocket of my own clinic jacket because I found it handy to have at a glance.

Pocket Lens Guide

Since then, the Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators (AOCLE) has produced a much more professional version of the pocket guide filled with both soft and GP contact lens information. The guide is used for teaching purposes and has been distributed to students and residents at each of the colleges and schools of optometry. The table below represents only one of the many items included in the guide. CLS

Dr. Rah is an assistant professor at the New England College of Optometry where she works primarily in the Cornea and Contact Lens Service in patient care, teaching and research.