Product Spectrum

product spectrum

Antibacterial Cases

Amcon Laboratories has launched its I-clean Antibacterial Contact Lens Cases. The presence of infused silver in I-clean cases helps combat micro-organisms and makes the lens cases less susceptible to contamination, according to Amcon. The company also claims that lens wearers are less likely to suffer discomfort and/or infection after soaking their lenses in a clean, healthy case.


Amcon offers I-clean cases in a counter display of 12 cases for retailing. The cases are also available in bags of 50 for refilling the display or for samples to contact lens patients. Call (800) 255-6161 or visit

New Tools for Marketing Your Practice

Clear Vision Marketing LLC now offers Marketing for Eye Doctors, a comprehensive marketing package designed to grow an optometry practice efficiently and cost effectively.

Practitioners can choose from a variety of customizable marketing packages to build a practice brand, according to the company. Marketing packages feature a choice of nine ready-to-customize designs and include exam reminder postcards, magnets, newsletters, contact lens calendar reminder stickers and "Wake-up and Shake-up" cards designed to grab the attention of patients in need of an exam. Proactive prospecting tools include networking card, referral cards and new market postcards.

Practitioners can also plan and budget for an entire year's marketing expenses, according to Clear Vision Marketing. Call (888) 303-3738 or visit

Time for a Change

WatchDog Group LC recently launched LensAlert, a device designed to help contact lens wearers adhere to recommended lens and lens case replacement schedules.

LensAlert is a digital timer that allows lens wearers to set their replacement schedules depending on how frequently they need to replace their lenses and lens case. Patients press each button until the correct number of days until replacement is displayed, then LensAlert counts down the days. When the display flashes 0, it's time for a change.


The original LensAlert product is designed to hold patients' existing lens cases if they prefer to use their own. It's designed to fit most lens cases. The second product includes 12 cases (a year's supply) in either one or multiple colors and a snap-on timer. Call (314) 721-5367 or visit

Turn Dropper Bottles into Spray Bottles

Gulden Ophthalmics now offers Disposable Spray Caps, replaceable caps for standard ophthalmic drop bottles. The caps can convert ophthalmic drop bottles to spray bottles for easy dispensing to uncooperative patients, according to Gulden. They can be used for mydriatic, anesthetic and most any ophthalmic drops. Call (215) 884-8105 or visit

Pocket Magnifier

Eschenbach now offers its new easyPocket, a small, illuminated magnifier. The easyPocket features a 50X46mm aspheric/diffractive hybrid lens that the company says is distortion free and only 3mm thick. New SMD LED technology provides illumination that never needs to be changed. The device has a built in contact mechanism so the light never needs to be switched on and off.

The easyPocket is protected by a glass-fiber reinforced plastic case, according to the manufacturer. Call (800) 487-5389 or visit