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product spectrum

New Soft Toric Option for High Astigmatism

CooperVision has extended the parameters of its Proclear Toric contact lenses with the introduction of an XR range. Proclear Toric XR is a made-to-order lens that offers cylinder powers up to -5.75D.

The full range of parameters for the Proclear Toric now includes base curves of 8.4mm and 8.8mm; sphere powers from +6.00D to -8.00D; cylinder powers of -0.75D, -1.25D, -1.75D, and -2.25D in axes of 10 degrees to 180 degrees in 10-degree steps; and Proclear Toric XR extends the cylinder power range to -5.75D and axis steps in five degrees.

Proclear Toric lenses are part of CooperVision's PC Hydrogel family of lenses and are manufactured in omafilcon A. Call (800) 538-7824 or visit .


Portable Visual Fields Analyzer Available

Paradigm Medical Industries has released its new LD700 visual fields analyzer (perimeter). It's been designed around the constraints of the small consulting room, mobile diagnostic practices or any situation where compact size is of importance, according to the manufacturer.

The Paradigm LD700 can perform all central tests in the smallest Paradigm VFA footprint yet designed, with the main unit having approximately the same footprint as an A4 sheet of paper, according to the manufacturer. Paradigm Medical also says the instrument's software provides 30-degree central field test strategies with a fraction of the space. The company recommends the LD700 as a second screening instrument or where space and weight are an issue. An optional carrying case is available. Call (801) 977-8970 or visit .


Figure. Mediniche now
offers a free counter display
of its Ocuderma ocular
skin therapy gel serum.

Free Counter Display for Skin Care Product

MediNiche, Inc., is now offering eyecare professionals a free counter display of its OcuDerma ocular skin therapy gel serum for just the cost of shipping and handling. The display includes 18 0.5oz bottles of OcuDerma and a free tester bottle for patient point-of-purchase trial, along with patient education information and handout materials.

According to the company, OcuDerma is the number-one recommended skin care product among eyecare professionals for the area around the eyes. Developed by eyecare professionals, the product formulation contains a mild exfoliating group of alpha-hydroxy acids; depuffing ingredients including herbal extracts that act to reduce puffiness, swelling, dark circles or shadows; flower extracts to help tighten, tone and refirm the skin around the eyes; technologically advanced moisturizers and liposomes to help rehydrate the skin; and vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect the skin. The company also says that the product is ideal for contact lens wearers because it disperses immediately if it accidentally enters the eye and it also won't cloud contact lenses. Call (888) 325-2395 or visit .


Marketing Consultancy for Eyecare Practices

David M. Pearce, NCLEC, has created Responsible Marketing Consulting Services (ResMark Consulting), a new consultancy that offers marketing services and support to small business owners, primarily those in the eyecare industry.

According to Mr. Pearce, most eyecare practitioners feel underprepared for marketing their eyecare practices. They receive very little formal marketing education or training and often lack time, creativity, knowledge and manpower to create successful marketing campaigns. ResMark Consulting can act as a practice's outsourced marketing department, bringing with it the depth of experience and knowledge that most small businesses/independent eyecare practices couldn't justify on a full-time basis, according to the company. Free consultations are available. Call (877) RESMARK (737-6275) or visit .


LED Pocket Magnifier

Gulden Ophthalmics has released the first 5X magnifier to use LED technology, according to the company. It's available in random colors with practice logo (at extra charge), features a one-inch magnifying lens and a side slide switch for enclosed light (100 hours continuous run time). Call (215) 884-8105 or visit .