Editor’s Perspective

The Cost of a Free Meal?

editor's perspective

The Cost of a Free Meal?


A significant amount of news and discussion has recently been devoted to the relationship between medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical and device industry ("the industry"). The medical community at large has faced challenging issues that have arisen over the past several years. Topics being discussed have included the appropriateness of gifts or meals to practitioners, consulting arrangements, research grants and grants sponsoring continuing education. Organizations such as the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians and others in addition to the drug industry itself (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America — PhRMA, for example) have issued guidelines for such activities. The Federal government, through the Department of Health and Human Services, has become very active in this discussion with increasingly more oversight, guidance and potential legislation, with likely monitoring and open reporting of company-practitioner exchanges to come.

The industry certainly relies on the medical community to disseminate important clinical information about drugs and devices. Legitimate concern has arisen about the potential implications any new regulations may have on industry's support of bona fide continuing education — which is required of most of us. In this regard, most have adopted the standard that industry-supported educational activities must maintain independence of commercial interests.

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