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product spectrum

Overcome a Language Barrier

Transitions Optical, Inc. has developed a Bilingual Pocket Card designed to help English-speaking eyecare professionals communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. The card is 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches and outlines common eyewear choices in English and Spanish, side by side. The front of the card discusses lenses and options, frames and additional pairs (sunglasses, etc.) and the back of the card provides detailed descriptions of key lens features such as progressives and higher index. Call (800) 848-1506 or visit

Reduce Scratches on Magnifiers

Eschenbach Optik, in conjunction with the Frauenhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Germany, has developed Cera-tecÒ, a patented coating that gives Eschenbach LED magnifier lenses the beneficial characteristics of both glass (scratch resistance) and plastic (lighter weight) materials, according to the company. Cera-tecÒ coated lenses resist scratches up to 90 percent better than comparable lenses, allowing Eschenbach magnifiers to provide a longer useful life than other magnifiers on the market, according to Eschenbach.

This coating is featured on most Eschenbach products including its line of LED handheld magnifiers and LED stand magnifier heads.

Eschenbach also claims that its magnifier lenses, made at its Technology Center in Germany that is ISO 9001 certified, meet the highest quality standards. Eschenbach states that the technology it uses ensures that Eschenbach lenses have the least peripheral distortion and chromatic aberration possible in a magnifier. Call (800) 487-5389 or visit

Make Digital Imaging Easier to Manage

Canon U.S.A. recently debuted its imageSpectrum Software for use with Canon non-mydriatic/mydriatic retinal cameras. The company says that the imageSpectrum Software facilitates comprehensive study management and image capture control at the operator's finger tips through an intuitive graphical interface that is simple and straightforward to use.

The newly developed PC-based software package allows for quick, easy input and access to information and images. The Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) Standard-compliant network interface enables easy integration with many existing image management systems and allows connection to a variety of network configurations such as LAN or WAN. The company says that the imageSpectrum software can play a significant role in improving the efficiency of eye exams and the management of patient data and images. Call (800) 970-7227 or visit

Improved Packaging for Tonometer Tip Covers

Reichert, Inc. has introduced new packaging for its Ocu-Film+ Tip Covers for quicker and easier single pack dispensing, according to Reichert. Reichert's custom-designed Ocu-Film+ Tip Covers are used with Tono-Pen XL and Tono-Pen Avia handheld applanation tonometers to help protect against dust and fluids while reducing the risk of patient cross-contamination. Reichert says that the new tip covers were created in response to feedback from existing users.


In addition to the new single pack dispensing and easier-to-use packaging, the Ocu-Film+ Tip Covers are now available in a Reichert blue color to help assure users that the cover is a genuine Reichert product. Call (800) Tono-pen (866-6736) or visit

Learn and Practice a Suture Technique

Gulden Ophthalmics now offers its patented Siepser Slip Suture Kit. Siepser slip suturing is widely used and cited in ophthalmic literature as a preeminent method to reconstruct/repair a torn iris to to affix an intraocular lens to the iris, according to Gulden. The Siepser Slip Suture Kit includes a twoinch practice eye on a polystyrene planar practice surface, a practice suture, practice suture material, a suture handling tool and a training tool on CD that provides step-bystep instruction on the suturing procedure. Gulden says the kit contains everything needed to learn and practice the suturing technique. Call (215) 884-8105 or visit