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product spectrum

New Silicone Hydrogel Option for Astigmats

This month, Vistakon is introducing its Acuvue Oasys Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism. Vistakon says the lens will soon be available at some U.S. eyecare professionals' offices, with distribution expected to grow through the coming months. Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism combines the Accelerated Stabilization Design technology of Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism with the Acuvue Oasys senofilcon A material with Hydraclear Plus.

Lens parameters include 8.6mm base curve and 14.5mm diameter. The lens is also available in several ranges of sphere and cylinder powers: plano to –6.00D (0.25D steps), cylinder powers of –0.75D, –1.25D and –1.75D in axes from 10 degrees to 180 degrees (10-degree increments); plano to –6.00D (0.25D steps), cylinder power of –2.25D in axes of 90 ±20 degrees and 180 ±20 degrees; High minus (–6.50D to –9.00D in 0.50D steps), cylinder powers of –1.25D and –1.75D in axes of 90 ±20 degrees and 180 ±20 degrees; High minus (–6.50D to –9.00D in 0.50D steps), cylinder power of –2.25D in axes of 90 degrees and 180 ±20 degrees; and plus powers (+0.25D to +6.00D in 0.25D steps), cylinder powers of –0.75D, –1.25D and –1.75D in axes of 90 ±20 degrees and 180 ±20 degrees. Call (800) 843-2020 or visit


Quadrant-Specific GPs for Irregular Corneas

Lens Dynamics, Inc. has introduced quadrant-specific design technology for its Dyna Cone Plus and Dyna Intra-Limbal lenses. Quadrant-specific lathing is now available in these designs for both base curves and edge lift treatment, according to the company.

The edge treatment Quad Sym PC option allows practitioners to flatten or steepen the edge treatment differently in all four quadrants to match the peripheral cornea, according to Lens Dynamics. The company says that the posterior side of the lens can also be made in four separate radii to match flat and steep areas of the cornea with the Quad Sym BC option. In addition, the company says that base curve radii with Quad Sym technology match the front quadrant for correct power, and edge lift and back optic zone flexibility are available as needed. Call (800) 228-2691 or visit

GP Designs Target Decentered Cones

Carter Contact Lens, Inc. now offers two lens designs for use in fitting decentered cones: The CarterKone and the RevKone. The CarterKone lens has a decentered optical zone that is placed over the apex of the cone. The lens therefore fits like a key in a lock with precise centration and optics, according to the manufacturer. CarterKone is also available in toric designs.

The RevKone is a reverse geometry design with decentered optics that's designed for advanced inferior cones with large flat superior corneas. The RevKone is manufactured with a steep inferior curve to support the base of the cone while the large flat superior optical zone provides excellent optics, according to Carter.

Both designs can be fit through diagnostic fitting or by sending topography maps for lab lens design. Call (888) 504-3600 or visit

New Daily Disposable Lens Option

Bausch & Lomb has launched SofLens daily disposable lenses, which the company says offer a major improvement over SofLens one day lenses. SofLens daily disposable lenses feature aspheric optics, representing the only daily disposable contact lens designed to reduce spherical aberration across a full range of powers, according to B&L. The company also says that reduced mass design and non-ionic hilafilcon B (59 percent water) lens material provide less lens-lid interaction and inhibit dryness.


Parameters include 8.6mm base curve, 14.2mm diameter, powers from +6.50D to –9.00D (0.25D steps, 0.50D steps above –6.50D), center thickness of 0.09mm and reported Dk/t of 24. B&L says that the lens offers a seamless upgrade for current SofLens one day wearers. Call (800) 828-2030 or visit