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product spectrum

Line of Custom Soft Lenses Now Available

Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. has launched Intelliwave, a new line of made-to-order, lathe-cut soft contact lenses featuring lens design technology licensed from UltraVision CLPL in the United Kingdom.

Incorporating patented wavefront technology and aberration control, Intelliwave lenses are available in aspheric, aspheric toric, multifocal and multifocal toric design options, and according to Art Optical are offered in parameter ranges that are completely customizable to match the precise prescription requirements of each individual patient.


Art Optical states that all of the lenses in its Intelliwave line use unique multi-aspheric front-surface designs and wavefront technology to provide aberration control for clearer vision in all conditions and at all distances, enhanced vision in low-light conditions and enhanced contrast sensitivity. The company also says that the lens materials in the Intelliwave line are engineered to provide greater acceptance on the eye. The Intelliwave Multifocal and Multifocal Toric are center-near, simultaneous vision soft lenses.

Intelliwave lenses can be ordered empirically by supplying keratometer readings, spectacle refraction and horizontal visible iris diameter. For the Intelliwave Multifocal and Intelliwave Multifocal Toric, practitioners must also supply sphere, cylinder, axis and add parameters as appropriate with the spectacle refraction as well as the dominant eye and the pupil diameter in normal light.

To accompany the Intelliwave lenses, Art Optical is also introducing the Intelliwave Precise Protection Plan, which provides lens exchanges and full cancellation privileges. Call (800) 648-2272 or visit

New Corneal Reshaping Design Option

Paragon Vision Sciences recently unveiled its Paragon RG-4 as an alternate corneal reshaping lens. RG-4 is a more traditional four-curve design that the company says it added as a product extension in response to requests from practitioners who had developed their clinical expertise with the traditional reverse geometry designs and preferred to stay with that technology. Paragon says that its Paragon CRT lens remains the recommended lens and fitting system of choice to practitioners, particularly those new to the modality of corneal reshaping.


RG-4 is manufactured in Paragon HDS 100, which is approved for overnight corneal reshaping. RG-4 will be laser marked for immediate parameter identification and will be plasma treated for improved comfort, according to the company. Paragon further says that RG-4 will require certification and can be fit empirically or using a diagnostic set manufactured from Paragon HDS 100. RG-4 will be available only in the United States. Call (800) 528-8279.

OTC Drop for Dry Eye

Alcon recently launched Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops, an over-the-counter formula that the company says works directly with the tear film to provide extended relief against dry eye.

According to Alcon, the ingredients in this formulation interact to provide an "intelligent" delivery system to the eye. While acting like a drop, this new system protects like a gel, providing extended protection to the eye's surface, according to Alcon. Systane Ultra was designed to make eyes feel comfortable and lubricated longer to enable users to enjoy a better quality of life, and the company also says the new formulation helps reduce symptoms of blurring that some patients experience with the original Systane product. The original Systane product remains available.


Systane Ultra is preserved with Polyquad, which is the same system used in Alcon's Opti-Free Replenish. It's currently available on retail shelves in two sizes — a 10ml bottle and a "Home and Away" pack that contains one 10ml and one 5ml bottle in a single box. Call (800) 451-3937 or visit

One-Piece IOL Makes US Debut

Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. recently made the US introduction of its Technis 1-Piece intraocular lens (IOL). AMO launched this IOL in Europe in September 2007. According to AMO, the Technis 1-Piece IOL's design and ease-of-use enhancements combine with the Technis IOL optics to greatly reduce spherical aberration, improving night driving simulator performance.

The Technis 1-Piece IOL design features the ProTec 360-degree edge design, which has an uninterrupted barrier edge designed to minimize cell migration onto the posterior capsule, according to AMO. The company says that unlike first-generation one-piece lenses, the Technis 1-Piece IOL has no interruption at the haptic-optic junction. The lens also has a frosted edge designed to minimize edge glare, according to AMO.

The Technis IOL Tri-Fix design provides three-point fixation for exceptional stability, according to AMO. Made of a hydrophobic acrylic material that blocks UV light, AMO says that the Technis 1-Piece IOL transmits the healthy blue light needed for improved scotopic (dim light) vision and healthy circadian rhythms. Call (866) 427-8477 or visit

Touchless Dispenser for Soaps and Lotions

Gulden Ophthalmics now offers its Ultra Touchless Dispenser, which automatically dispenses hand sanitizers, soap or lotion from a sleek, high-tech-looking unit, according to Gulden. The company says that the unit's motion sensor technology and touchless operation help to eliminate cross-contamination between uses and users. It works by automatically dispensing a pre-set volume of liquid when users place their hand under the sensor. Users can select from four volume settings to dispense pre-set amounts of liquid.


The Ultra Touchless Dispenser also features a built-in LED light timer that can be optionally set to blink for 20 seconds to indicate how long to sanitize or lather hands for control of germs.

The company states that other features include a continuous dispensing button to manually dispense liquid; a large opening that makes the dispenser easy to refill; durable construction with stainless steel backsplash, rust-resistant chrome-plated top cover and clear acrylic liquid reservoir; operates by AA batteries, so proximity to an electrical outlet not necessary; holds 14oz of liquid. Call (215) 884-8105 or visit

Nutriceutical for Eye Health Now Available

Nordic Naturals, Inc. has introduced ProDHA Eye, a blend of purified fish oil to provide a high concentration of DHA in combination with lutein and zeaxanthin. The company states that each of these eye nutrients plays a role in protecting the eyes and supporting healthy vision, and also that they work in synergy meaning that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their parts.

The blend of nutrients in ProDHA Eye is designed to support the development and maintenance of eye tissue; protect ocular cells from oxidative stress; support healthy vision and tissue moisture; and slow the progression of age-related eye disorders, according to the manufacturer. The product does not contain gluten, yeast, milk derivatives or artificial colors or flavors. Call (800) 662-2544 or visit

Need Extra Storage Space?

Ancom Business Products now offers Add-A-Row, a low profile lateral track mobile filing and storage system. The system provides access to multiple layers of storage and easily integrates with existing cabinets or shelving to increase storage capacity while minimally increasing the system's footprint, according to Ancom. Steel tracks are secured to any flooring surface in front of existing shelving, with cabinets mounted into mobile carriages.

Ancom says the carriage system and wheels can support up to 1,000lbs per linear foot. The Add-A-Row lateral system can accommodate up to four times the number of files normally contained in a conventional four-drawer vertical file, according to the company. The modular system can also be expanded. Existing systems can be enlarged to two or three rows of mobile carriages. The system includes required track, cabinets, components, hardware and leveling shim kits. Call (800) 845-9010 or visit