Product Spectrum

product spectrum

Silicone Hydrogel Toric Expansion

CooperVision has expanded the parameters of its Biofinity Toric contact lenses to include plus powers, high minus powers and a new cylinder. Biofinity Toric is now available in sphere powers of +6.00D to −8.00D and in cylinders of −0.75D, −1.25D, −1.75D, and −2.25D with aroundthe- clock axes. An additional sphere power expansion is planned for late this summer. Call (800) 538-7824 or visit

New Hybrid Design for Keratoconus, Hybrid Parameter Expansion

SynergEyes, Inc. is launching ClearKone, its next generation hybrid contact lens design for keratoconus, and has expanded the parameters of its SynergEyes Multifocal hybrid lens.

ClearKone is now available in limited release in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. SynergEyes plans a controlled launch of ClearKone starting in September 2009. Key lens features include a patent-pending vault design and a reverse geometry landing system. The lens is designed to vault over the vast majority of ectasias without bearing to ensure corneal surface integrity. The excellent centration and stability of the hybrid platform keeps the optics centered over the visual axis — regardless of the location of the cone — to successfully decrease aberrations, resulting in superior visual acuity through the reduction of coma, according to SynergEyes.

SynergEyes Clear-Kone parameters include 100 Dk (GP lens center); 27 percent water content (soft skirt); 14.5mm diameter; vaults of 100μ to 600μ in 50μ steps; steep, median, and flat skirt curvatures; and sphere powers from +2.00D to −8.00D in 0.25D steps, −8.50D to −15.00D in 0.50D steps, and +2.50D to +5.00D in 0.50D steps. The lens is indicated for daily wear with recommended replacement every six months.

The SynergEyes ClearKone lens is designed to vault over corneal ectasias.

The SynergEyes Multifocal lens is now available in a +0.75D add power in addition to the three add powers (+1.25D, +1.75D, and +2.25D) previously offered. The +0.75D add will provide a contact lens option for emerging presbyopes seeking binocular visual acuity, according to SynergEyes. Call (877) SEE-2012 (733-2012) or visit

The patient's ocular therapy has included lid hygiene b.i.d., frequent (hourly) non-preserved artificial tears, nightly preservative-free ointment, and frequent lash epilation. However, due to ongoing complications associated with the lids and lashes, it was determined that he might benefit from high-Dk scleral lenses.

French GP Bifocal Now Available in U.S.

Art Optical Contact Lens has entered into an agreement with Laboratoire Precilens of Paris, France, to manufacture and distribute the BiExpert GP Bifocal lens in the United States.

BiExpert is a patented design that features slab-off GP lens technology. The non-truncated, alternating vision bifocal incorporates a unique inverse curve that fits the lower eyelid and provides a natural lens translation to near vision, according to Art Optical. The company further says that the slab-off technology also creates a thinner, uniform edge profile 360 degrees around the circumference of the lens, resulting in less lid awareness and improved comfort. For patients who rely on the precise near vision of a segmented design, Art Optical says that BiExpert's slab-off technology provides easy translation into the segment while avoiding excessive base thickness.

Art Optical will manufacture BiExpert lenses exclusively in Boston (Bausch & Lomb) GP materials. BiExpert can be ordered by providing K readings and prescription to the laboratory. The lenses are competitively priced, backed by Art Optical's warranty program, and ready to ship within 24 hours of order, according to the company. Call (800) 253-9364 or visit

Correcting Astigmatism With Orthokeratology

Paragon Vision Sciences has launched Paragon CRT Dual Axis. This design allows for modulation of the lens periphery in two meridians when corneal elevation or curvature differences limit the success of a fit, according to Paragon. The company says that this design permits independent manipulation of a second RZD and LZA that doesn�t alter the dimensions found optimum in a first meridian.

The CRT Dual Axis design features auto-orientation, with no prism or slab off, while maintaining its flexure resistance and its overall thin lens design, according to the company. Paragon further says that the enhanced design also improves centration while maintaining an optimum treatment zone and providing a lens perimeter that remains round and planar. Call (800) 528-8279 or visit