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product spectrum

Bi-Aspheric GP Multifocal Available

Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc. recently released Reclaim HD Bi-Aspheric Multifocal GP lenses.

The design was created using Blanchard's S-Form Technology lathing in concert with state-of-the-art Ray Tracing Optical Lathing. The resulting lenses deliver all the add that your patients need, aberration control optics and improved contrast and clarity of vision throughout a full range of focal points while maintaining corneal integrity in a lens design that's easy to fit from Ks and prescription, according to Blanchard. No trial set is needed, and the company encourages empirical fitting to streamline the fitting experience and to reduce chair time. Reclaim HD lenses are offered with a 100-percent fitting guarantee and liberal warranty exchange policy.

Standard parameters include base curves of 7.00mm to 8.30mm in 0.10mm increments, sphere powers of +20.00D to –20.00D in 0.25D increments and diameters from 8.80mm to 10.2mm in 0.10mm increments. Three standard designs are available that the company says can fit 85 percent of presbyopic patients: Reclaim 2.0 features progressive add up to +2.00D with an anterior distance zone of 3.5mm; Reclaim 2.5 features progressive add up to +2.50D and an anterior distance zone of 3.0mm; Reclaim 3.0 features progressive add up to +3.00D with an anterior distance zone of 2.5mm. The lens can also be custom ordered with progressive add from +1.00D to +4.00D in 0.25D increments and anterior distance zones ranging from 2.00mm to 4.00mm in 0.10mm increments. The standard material for Reclaim HD is Boston ES (Bausch & Lomb), but the lens can be ordered in any material. Call (800) 367-4009 or visit

New Reverse Geometry Lens Launches

Lensco has launched Zenith RG, a large-diameter GP lens design incorporating reverse geometry. According to Lensco, using a large-diameter lens with reverse geometry allows practitioners to achieve improved fitting success with post-refractive surgery patients and irregular cornea patients whose lenses decenter, resulting in optimal acuity and comfort.

The Zenith RG lens design is available in reverse diopter curves of 2D, 3D and 4D, with a diameter range of 10.8mm through 11.5mm and a power range of +20.00D to –20.00D. Call (800) 528-1175 or visit

Storage System for Diagnostic Lenses

Lens Den, LLC has addressed the issue of mismatched, bulky trial lens storage with a modular solution that, according to the company, allows eyecare offices to free up space for other purposes.

The initial Lens Den product line is for toric lens storage. However, the spherical storage line has already been designed and will be added in the coming months. All facets of Lens Den are manufactured in the United States. Call 877.370.LENS (5367), visit or e-mail


Silicone Hydrogel Parameter Expansion

CooperVision has expanded the parameters of its Avaira silicone hydrogel lens to include sphere powers up to –12.00D. The full range of parameters now includes 8.5mm base curve, 14.2mm diameter and sphere powers from –0.25D to –12.00D (in 0.50D steps above –6.00D). Call (800) 538-7824 or visit

Kit for Stye Relief

Eye Eco, Inc. now offers a Stye Care Kit, which the company says provides patients with an easy, hands-free, effective method for applying warm compress treatments to relieve styes. The stye patch generates approximately 100 degrees of moist heat for 10-to-15 minute treatments, and because the patch covers only one eye at a time, patients can continue normal activities, according to the company.

Each kit contains everything patients need for more than 120 warm compress treatments, including foam padded eye-cup with strap, two reusable heat packs, foam insert for adding moisture and wash bag. Stye Care Kits are available through practitioners' offices and at