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product spectrum

High-Index Material Gets FDA Approval

Paragon Vision Sciences has announced the immediate availability of Paragon HDS HI 1.54, a new FDA-approved GP contact lens material.

HDS HI 1.54, combined with its low specific gravity, will provide many useful benefits to contact lens fitters and their patients, especially when prescribed in aspheric multifocal lens designs, according to Paragon. The company says its HDS HI 1.54 could deliver as much as 1.00D of incremental add power and will prove beneficial in increasing optical zone diameters. HDS HI 1.54 will reduce overall lens mass associated with high myopic prescriptions and could improve overall GP lens comfort and oxygen transmissibility, according to the company. Call (800) 528-8279 or visit

Semi-Scleral Lens for Irregular Corneas

Tru-Form Optics now offers DigiForm Semi-Scleral contact lenses. The company says the patent-pending DigiForm technology provides the first scleral lens that has specific designs for the five most common irregular corneas. Candidates for DigiForm include post-refractive surgery patients, patients who have PMD, Sattler's veil, keratoglobus, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, post-trauma ocular surface disease, and patients for whom corneal lenses don't center, according to Tru-Form.

The DigiForm design has a diameter range of 13.5mm to 16mm, with a standard size of 15mm that is vented by standard fenestration at the 11mm diameter. Design options also include toric, bitoric, quadtoric and multifocal, according to Tru-Form. The lens can be manufactured in Boston XO (Bausch & Lomb), Tyro 97 (Lagado Corporation) or Optimum Extra (Contamac) with made-to-order base curves and powers. Tru-Form states that these designs are successfully and simply fit from a 14-lens fitting set. Call (800) 792-1095 or visit

Soft Gels for Dry Eye

Cynacon/OcuSoft has launched Tears Again Hydrate. The company says these new easy-to-swallow soft gels contain an omega-3 essential fatty acid, flaxseed oil, an omega-6 essential fatty acid, evening primrose oil and bilberry extract, microencapsulated in a proprietary liposome process. The patent-pending formulation improves absorption and provides longer lasting relief that may also lead to improved tolerability of these oils in the digestive tract, according to the company. Call (800) 233-5469 or visit


Toric Lens Expansion

CooperVision has expanded the parameters of its Proclear Toric XR to include low cylinders (–0.75D to –2.25D) in high plus and high minus sphere powers. The complete parameter range now includes base curves of 8.4mm and 8.8mm, sphere powers from +10.00D to –10.00D, cylinder powers of –0.75D to –5.75D in 0.50D steps and around-the-clock axes. Call or visit

Improved Non-Contact Tonometer

Reichert, Inc. has introduced the Reichert 7, its seventh-generation noncontact tonometer. The Reichert 7 offers many of the features of the company's previous NCTs, while adding features such as a refreshed design, enhanced user-interface and triple-measurement mode.

The Reichert 7 features the industry's only one-touch measurement system, according to the company. Joysticks and trackballs increase exam time, but the self-aligning system of the Reichert 7 allows the doctor or technician to simply position the patient in front of the instrument, press the touch screen and obtain an automatic measurement.


The touch screen also features an icon-based operating system that Reichert intuitively designed to take the guesswork out of the procedure. In addition, the "triple-measurement" mode further shortens exam times by taking three successive measurements, eliminating the need to re-position patients for multiple readings. Call (716) 686-4500 or visit