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product spectrum

New CRT Dispensing System

Paragon has introduced its CRT SureFit Delivery System. CRT SureFit provides certified practitioners with a single-use, three-lens-per-eye fitting and dispensing system that will ensure a high probability of day-one first fit success with Paragon CRT, according to the company.

CRT SureFit lenses are clearly identified with directions on the proper sequence of fitting. Paragon claims that based upon a patient's K readings and spectacle prescription supplied by the practitioner, the first lens in the CRT SureFit Delivery System is the lens that has the highest probability of first fit success. Should the first lens not be dispensable, the second and third lenses are pre-determined parameters (based on seven years of CRT historical fitting data) that should provide a successful CRT fit for the patient, according to Paragon.

The company claims that CRT SureFit will simplify fitting by reducing chair time up to 75 percent, compared to competitive designs, and eliminate unnecessary lens exchanges while dramatically improving patient convenience by reducing office visits.

CRT SureFit is available to certified practitioners with or without the 100-lens Diagnostic Dispensing System. Initially, CRT SureFit is being released only to practitioners in North America. Call (800) 528-8279 or visit

Parameter Expansion for Avaira

CooperVision has once again expanded the parameters of its Avaira two-week replacement silicone hydrogel lenses. With the addition of new plus sphere powers of +0.25D to +8.00D on a new 8.4mm base curve, Avaira's parameter range now extends from –12.00D to +8.00D in base curves of 8.4mm (plus powers) and 8.5mm (minus powers) and a diameter of 14.2mm.

New Software for Patient Education

Eyemaginations, Inc. has introduced Luma, the next generation of its software. Like its predecessor, 3D-Eye Office, Luma helps deliver the practitioner's message throughout the entire practice from waiting room to the exam lanes to the optical area, according to the company. Eyemaginations says that it enables practitioners to educate, explain conditions, and offer solutions clearly and persuasively.

The Exam Advisor feature allows practitioners to use an interactive feature to show the progression of conditions and pathologies so that patients can understand what can happen if a condition becomes more severe. The "point of view" tool gives patients a sense of how their vision will be affected by the condition, according to the company.

Other new features include an easy-to-use client interface and a Scheduler tool that enables the practice to deliver customized presentations in the waiting area to target specific groups of patients. The company also says that the Optical Advisor gives patients the understanding they need to consider premium lens products and add-ons through visual simulations including the "good, better, best" comparison. Call (877) 321-5481 or visit

New Low-Cost EHR System Available

Compulink Business Systems has announced the launch of two new software products: Eyecare Advantage Essentials and E-Rx. The company claims that its introduction of these products allows eyecare professionals to make the switch to EHR and incorporate electronic drug prescription with complete integration, which avoids double-entry that other products require. Implementation of these products also enables practices to become eligible for financial incentives under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act provisions of the ARRA legislation, according to the company.

Designed for small and budget-constrained practices, Essentials provides all of the features of Compulink's Eyecare Advantage and Ophthalmology Advantage products, minus the ability to customize, and it is available at a much lower entry price than comparable solutions, according to the company. Essentials users who require customization can upgrade to the more advanced Advantage systems at any time.

E-Rx, offered as an option to Essentials and the Advantage line, enables providers to submit prescriptions electronically and provides comprehensive clinical information on every drug approved by the FDA. In addition to reducing prescribing errors and simplifying the prescribing process, E-Rx also enables providers to qualify for an additional 2-percent Medicare annual reimbursement amount, according to Compulink. Call (800) 456-4522 or visit