Editor’s Perspective

A Top 10 List of Contact Lens-Related Topics

editor's perspective

A Top 10 List of Contact Lens-Related Topics


I was recently asked by a colleague if I have a current “Top 10” buzz list of topics in the contact lens field. At the time I was asked, I didn't really have such a list, at least not in the way the colleague was asking. The question made me stop and think. First, what is a “Top 10” buzz list? Second, how does something make it on (or off) the list? Third, how often should such a list be updated? Monthly? Annually?

As I continued to ponder this question over course of the day, I came to the realization that I actually do maintain such a list, particularly as it relates to content we choose for Contact Lens Spectrum and your level of interest in our recendy published material, in addition to the topics I cover when lecturing to students and colleagues.

So, in no particular order, here is my current Top 10 list of contact lens-related topics:

  1. Impact of the economy on trends in the industry and in our profession
  2. Care solutions — efficacy and biocompatibility
  3. Soft lenses — new polymers, additives
  4. GP lenses — risk for decline or booming business?
  5. Lens designs — tories, presbyopic correction, orthokeratology
  6. Microbial keratitis — factors other than oxygen
  7. Discomfort and dryness — lenses, solutions, patients, how it is measured
  8. The impact of ocular surface disease such as dry eye, blepharitis, and allergy
  9. New diagnostic technology, pharmaceuticals, and combination products
  10. Myopia control

I look forward to updating this list at least occasionally, and certainly welcome your thoughts and feedback on making sure that it is current and comprehensive.