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product spectrum

New GP Multipurpose Solution Available

Alcon, Inc. has launched Opti-Free GP MultiPurpose Solution, a contact lens cleaning and disinfecting product for patients who wear GP contact lenses. The company says that because of an overwhelming response when Unique-pH Multi-Purpose Solution was discontinued, the company has launched the formulation with a new, more recognizable package and name — Opti-Free GP.


Opti-Free GP uses the same HP-Guar system found in the company's Systane lubricant eye drops. It works by automatically adjusting product viscosity in the eye for all-day lens wear comfort, according to Alcon. The product includes Tetronic 1304, which the company says enhances lens surface wettability to improve comfort throughout the day. It also contains Polyquad, a PHMB-free preservative system.

Opti-Free GP is indicated for the cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, and conditioning of fluorosilicone acrylate and silicone acrylate GP lenses. It is available exclusively at Walmart. Call (800) 451-3937 or visit

New Storage System for Spherical Trial Lenses

Lens Den LLC has introduced a storage system for spherical trial lenses. The company creates storage systems for trial lenses by lens manufacturer and brand that save space while creating a uniform, professional appearance. Lens Den claims that bin storage if efficient because lenses do not have to be removed from boxes, and individual boxes do not have to be opened to assess inventory. The company says that its storage systems can reduce storage space of some trial contact lens displays by more than 50 percent. Lens Den also offers a more compact storage system for CIBA Vision and Vistakon Acuvue toric lenses. Call (877) 370-LENS (5367) or visit

GP High-Index Materials

Earlier this year, Contamac introduced Optimum HR 1.51 and Optimum HR 1.53 high-refractive-index GP materials. According to the company, these materials have a balance of properties that meet all the demands of the full range of presbyopia.

The Optimum HR materials provide +0.50D more aspheric multifocal add power, offering a full range of presbyopic add power without a need for modified monovision aspheric multifocal prescribing or additional front surface enhancements for advanced presbyopes, according to Contamac. The company also says that the lower specific gravity value represents a weight reduction of 20-to-30 percent, which is a fitting and comfort advantage for all lenses >−6.00D and for all plus lenses. In addition, the junction thickness can be reduced by 5-to-10 percent on all minus lenses; the optical zones can be enlarged by ≥0.40 with the Optimum HR material when compared to designs with lower-refractive-index materials with similar Dks, prescription and thickness profiles; and the Optimum HR material provides an increase of 16-to-23 percent in achievable power (both plus and minus) when compared to other available materials that have similar Dks, prescriptions, and thickness profiles, according to the company. The Dk of Optimum HR 1.51 is 50, while that of Optimum HR 1.53 is 26. Call (866) 872-6682 or visit

LensAlert Offers New Value Pack

LensAlert recently introduced its new LensAlert Contact Lens Care Kit Value Wheel, which includes a LensAlert Timer and a rainbow of seven lens cases. The LensAlert timers allow contact lens wearers to set a countdown in days on one side for replacing their lenses and on the other side for replacing their contact lens case. LensAlert offers a LensAlert Value Wheel Starter Set that includes 24 Lens Alert Value Wheels and a free counter display, easel, and stickers as well as merchandising materials. Call (314) 721-5367 or visit