Product Spectrum

product spectrum

Tonometer Designed for Glaucoma

Reichert, Inc. has introduced its Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer + Corneal Response Technology, featuring Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc)—a pressure measurement significantly less affected by the cornea compared to other methods of tonometry, according to the manufacturer.


Traditional tonometry methods are significantly affected by corneal properties, compromising the accuracy of their IOP measurements, according to Reichert. The 7CR incorporates the patented bi-directional applanation technology, first used in the Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer, to quantify the bio-mechanical properties of the cornea. This in turn permits the determination of Corneal Compensated Intraocular Pressure (IOPcc). Reichert says that IOPcc provides a better understanding of patient tonometry values, enhancing their ability to make critical diagnosis and treatment decisions. Call (888) 849-8955 or visit

Large Diameter Lens for Presbyopia

As an authorized manufacturing and distribution partner of the SO2Clear Corneal Scleral lens design from Dakota Sciences, Art Optical has introduced SO2Clear Progressive. This center-near multifocal features customizable add powers and zone sizes. It is designed to provide GP optics with comfort similar to a soft contact lens.

You can fit the SO2Clear Progressive by using the standard diagnostic set and specifying the spectacle add. The presbyopic option is not available for the Aspherical Cone design at this time. Parameters include sphere powers of ±20.00D in 0.25D steps, base curves of 6.00mm to 9.50mm in 0.05mm steps, diameters of 13.00mm to 15.00mm in 0.10mm steps, and add powers of +1.00D to +3.50D in 0.25D steps

Art Optical manufactures the SO2Clear family of lenses exclusively in Boston XO and Boston XO2 (both Bausch + Lomb) materials within 24 hours of order. SO2Clear lenses can be purchased with a risk-free warranty that provides two refits per eye and full cancellation privileges. Call (800) 253-9364 or visit

Sample Kit of Lens Cases With Timers

LensAlert has launched a new sample kit for practitioners who are interested in trying the LensAlert products but are unsure which ones would be best for their patients. The sample kit contains three of LensAlert's most popular products: Contact Lens Care Kit Value Wheel, a six pack of Contact Lens Color Cases, and a Contact Lens Care Kit Reminder Timer. Limit one sample kit per customer. Call (314) 721-5367 or visit


Upgrade Your Refraction System

Marco has launched its TRS-3100 Total Refraction System, which the company says offers a completely wireless interface with the autorefractor and autolensmeter. The built-in Intelligent Card (IC) Card Reader allows for seamless integration and connection without any cable logistics. It offers simple operation with Marco Connect software, and it can also be networked into a paperless EMR system, according to Marco.

The company says that the TRS3100 features a dedicated Real Time processor that delivers faster operational speed. The TRS-3100 is compact and the ergonomic design covers less of the patient's face, offering a more comfortable examination. The wide visual field provides a natural view of the environment, enabling more realistic and accurate refractions, according to Marco. The TRS 3100 is manufactured for Marco by Nidek. Call (800) 874-5274, or visit