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product spectrum

New Multifocal for Post-Surgical Patients

Blanchard Contact Lens has combined its RSS and Reclaim HD contact lens designs to help address the needs of presbyopic, post-refractive surgical patients.

Blanchard says that the RSS lens fits the unusually flat post-surgical central cornea without allowing excessive vaulting. At the same time, the midperipheral alignment of the lens is designed to provide good centration.

The RSS lens design is now available with the anterior surface Reclaim aspheric multifocal optic as an add-on feature that provides near, intermediate, and distance vision correction with up to +4.00D add in an aberration-control aspheric multifocal optic, according to Blanchard. Anterior optical zone sizes can be custom tailored to patients' needs and physiology of contact lens fit. Standard distance/intermediate anterior zone sizes help to achieve successful fittings in less chair time, according to the company.

A Web presentation for RSS is available at, or call (800) 367-4009.

New OTC Drop for Dry Eye Available

Bausch + Lomb has launched its new Soothe Xtra Hydration lubricant eye drops in the United States.

B+L's soothe Xtra Hydration is designed to relieve Aqueous-deficient dry eye.

B+L says that the Soothe portfolio is now aligned with the most recent international Dry Eye Workshop (DEWS) sponsored by the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society. DEWS created a new definition of dry eye and helped develop two major classifications of dry eye—aqueous-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye.

New Soothe Xtra Hydration is designed for aqueous-deficient dry eye therapy. It moisturizes and restores the deficient aqueous and mucin layers of the tear film to provide lasting hydration and comfort, according to the company. It became available at major retailers in May.

Soothe XP Xtra Protection is designed for evaporative dry eye therapy and is widely available at major retailers. Call (800) 828-9030 or visit

Nutritional Support for Moderate-to-Advanced AMD

Bausch + Lomb has also undertaken the U.S. launch of PreserVision Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement AREDS 2 formula. Building on the original, clinically proven Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) formula, the new formulation replaces beta-carotene with lutein (10mg) and zeaxanthin (2mg) and adds omega-3 fatty acids (1,000mg) per dosage. The new supplement appeared on retail shelves in early May.

B+L's PreserVision AREDS 2 formula contains lutein and omega-3 fatty acids.

B+L says that scientific studies show that the inclusion of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and zeaxanthin in the diet supports eye health. PreserVision AREDS 2 formula is one of many formulas that are being evaluated in the AREDS2 study, which is currently ongoing and expected to complete in 2013. Call (800) 828-9030 or visit

Update to Patient Education Software

Eyemaginations, Inc. has released LUMA version 1.3. The latest version of this patient education and marketing software for eyecare practitioners includes 12 new and enhanced ocular presentation topics including: Amblyopia Overview and Treatment Options; Blepharitis Overview; Retinal Vein Occlusion Overview; Fundus Photography Overview; HD Lenses; Lattice Degeneration Overview; Multifocal IOL (General); Multifocal IOL (Design I and II); Optical Coherence Topography; and Wide Angle Retinal Imaging.

Version 1.3 also includes new functionalities within the program, many of which were implemented based on client feedback: new anatomy perspectives within the Exam Advisor feature enable practitioners to use Blood Vessels, Visual Pathway, and Head - Front View as different angles; Media Center navigation has been simplified and content rearranged and renamed to be more intuitive; and users have more control of functionality within the Media Player. Call (877) 321-5481 or visit