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Shedding Some Light

IntraVista Medical Systems, Inc. has received 510K clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Vivid Light, a high-intensity warm color LED replacement light source that the company says improves visualization in a diagnostic slit lamp biomicroscope, offering dramatic contrast and brilliant detail. In addition, the IntraVista LED light source significantly reduces heat, infrared and ultraviolet light generated by tungsten bulbs, according to IntraVista. The company says that absence of heat from the Vivid Light minimizes drying of the eye during slit lamp examination, improving patient comfort and compliance.


Vivid Light is offered for both AC and DC power supplies and requires no modifications to standard diagnostic slit lamp biomicroscopes. Vivid Light is also available in a Strobing model that reduces motion for imaging, according to IntraVista. The Strobing Vivid Light also reduces the intensity and the amount of bright light felt by the patient, further improving patient comfort and permitting more time for diagnostic examination.

Vivid Light comes with a five-year warranty. The company claims that it lasts 100 times longer and consumes 90 percent less power compared to a traditional light source. Call (888) 318-8896 or visit

Upgrade Your Visual Acuity Software

Eyecare Products Development Group has released eChart Acuity 2.0 software along with a new Web site.

eChart Acuity was first introduced in 1997. It was developed and is currently used and maintained by a practicing optometrist, which the company claims ensures that eChart Acuity will maintain its competitive position in computerized eye chart software products for years to come. The latest release makes eChart Acuity the most efficient and cost effective visual acuity software available, according to the company.


Eyecare Products Development Group reports that eChart Acuity offers many benefits, including:

  • Speeds up vision exams, allowing practices to increase patient flow without increasing costs.
  • Decreases patient wait times.
  • Decreases patient boredom while testing.
  • Uses existing office computers.
  • Expands vision testing capabilities inexpensively as the number of exam rooms and pretest areas expand.
  • Software license cost will quickly be offset by eliminating the cost of overpriced projector bulbs.

The new Web site reflects the new look and upgraded capabilities of eChart Acuity. It also provides support for a new marketing campaign and pricing being released. Call (707) 413-6301 or visit

Illuminating Refraction

Marco has released its Marco RT-700 Illuminated Refractor, which the company says is the perfect blend of style, function, and illumination control and which combines a proven illumination system with Marco-certified quality and craftsmanship.

Marco says that its RT-700 Illuminated Refractor incorporates all of the classic elements and features that primary eyecare providers demand from a traditional refractor. Features include:

  • Infinitely adjustable illumination for sphere, cylinder, and axis measurements
  • White prism, accessory, and cross-cylinder scales designed to provide easier recognition in dim lighting conditions
  • Functional “wing-grip” design to provide easier maneuverability of Refractor head
  • Soft, smooth knurled knobs to provide consistent, effortless adjustments
  • Fully synchronized axis/cross-cylinder system
  • Standard five-year limited warranty

Call (800) 874-5274, or visit