Editor’s Perspective

Giving Credit Where it’s Due

editor's perspective

Giving Credit Where it's Due


As my second year as editor of Contact Lens Spectrum and Contact Lenses Today winds down, I've come to realize that I don't often say "thank you" enough to our team involved in bringing you these publications. It's probably not apparent to the general readership just how many individuals are involved in so many different ways to make this publication as successful as it is. For example, our publisher, Roger Zimmer, and sales force including Jodi Smith, Dawn Schaefer, and Ed Meagher, are vital in making the journal accessible to each of you as we rely on the revenue generated through their work to support this venture. Likewise, the sponsors themselves need to be thanked for their continued (almost 25 years) support of this journal.

In terms of the journal itself, the editorial staff includes some exceptionally talented people. Lisa Starcher, managing editor, keeps the journal moving forward on a day-to-day basis, as does Mary Bekker, who assists in this regard. Ed Bennett, OD, MSEd, is our clinical features editor, and he works tirelessly to bring you balanced material that you can incorporate into your practice. As this is our annual GP issue, which publishes each October, Ed has written a GP "Annual Report" summarizing the GP field (as we do each January summarizing the entire field and in July with the Dry Eye Annual Report). We hope you find this report useful and consider it your "go to" source for a summary of the GP lens field. Lastly, the journal has a team of contributing editors who are tasked with bringing you current and novel ideas in all of our Departments each and every month; having been a columnist for several years, I know how challenging it can be to come up with new and clinically useful information for each column!

On the other side of the house, it is also important to recognize the team involved in our e-media newsletter, Contact Lenses Today, and our sponsorship of that venture as well. Our "publisher and sales force" is Rob Verna, who is charged with overseeing our e-news media. Our managing editor for Contact Lenses Today is Kathy Shafer, a long-time veteran of the contact lens field. And recently, we've welcomed some new faces as contributors to a significant revision of the newsletter.

I'd like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to each and every person involved in the "team" and for the efforts of all in bringing these media and content to you.