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product spectrum

Second-Generation Hybrid Launches

SynergEyes, Inc. has announced that its second-generation silicone hydrogel hybrid contact lens, Duette, is now available to practitioners across the United States.

The Duette's high-modulus MaxVue GP center has a Dk of 130 and class II UV blocker, while the high-Dk, low-modulus Flex2O silicone hydrogel skirt has a Dk of 84 and is 32 percent water. A patent-pending surface treatment, HealthyEyes, increases wettability and resists protein deposits to maximize comfort, according to SynergEyes.

Synergeyes' Duette is now available Nationwide.

The lens is approved to correct up to 6.00D of astigmatism. Duette introduces a new hybrid lens design that SynergEyes says eliminates many problems commonly associated with soft toric lens wear. Duette is rotationally symmetric and provides corneal astigmatism correction without inconsistent axis shift by utilizing an optimized lacrimal layer to decrease aberrations, enhancing optical performance, according to SynergEyes.

Duette is currently available in sphere powers of +4.00D to −12.00D in five base curves and three skirt curves. Visit to order a diagnostic fitting set or call (877) 733-2012.

Line of Custom Silicone Hydrogels Available

Unilens Vision, Inc. recently announced the launch of its new C•Vue Advanced HydraVue line of silicone hydrogel custom contact lenses for monthly replacement. The new family of products incorporates Unilens& patented Toric Multifocal and Multifocal designs and made-toorder Custom Toric and Single Vision options. The C•Vue Advanced HydraVue presbyopic lens technology allows eyecare professionals to specify the exact add power (for near vision) and zone size, resulting in greater patient satisfaction, according to Unilens.

The C-Vue Hydravue line is fully customizable in Silicone Hydrogel material.

All four lens options, which will be sold exclusively to independent eyecare professionals, are completely customizable and will feature a riskfree trial program, advanced silicone hydrogel material, and exceptional deliverability, according to Unilens.

The new line is the result of a partnership between Unilens and Contamac, the manufacturer of the new Definitive silicone hydrogel material. The Definitive material provides a water content of 74 percent, Dk of 60 Barrers, and low modulus. Call (727) 544-2531 or visit

New Slit Lamp Imaging System

Eye Photo Systems has released its EC 100 imaging system that the company says promises to allow eyecare professionals to capture exactly what they see though the oculars of the slit lamp without having any knowledge or expertise in photography.

The EC 100 is designed to mount to a pre-existing slit lamp, which the company says allows for minimal disruption in the day-to-day operations of a practice. The touchscreen monitor mounts to the exam stand via an attachable arm, which puts the image management system within arm's reach and allows practitioners to review documentation with patients while they are still in the chair.

Eye Photo Systems' EC 100 makes taking Slit Lamp images a snap.

Eye Photo Systems says that not only does the EC 100 provide the highest quality images with the least amount of effort, but it is also the only dSLR system on the market that provides true 1080p video.

The EC 100 is guaranteed to never capture any motion blur even at high magnifications. The company also says there is no need to increase illumination levels beyond regular viewing, and the simplified interface allows not only practitioners to take images, but also any of their technical staff. Call (888) 528–9701 or visit