Product Spectrum

Product Spectrum

New Hybrid Multifocal Launches

SynergEyes, Inc. recently launched its Duette Multifocal hybrid lens. The lens incorporates Multi-Pro2 Technology, which utilizes a near-center aspheric add zone in combination with a distance asphere to provide a seamless progression of powers from distance to near, according to SynergEyes. The company says that this revolutionary optical system incorporates all of the available add powers necessary to deliver crisp near vision to presbyopic patients from emerging to advanced. As patients' add needs increase, SynergEyes says that the brain shifts its focus to select the images coming through the higher add powers within the zone, so you will not need to adjust patients' prescriptions as presbyopia advances.

Built on the Duette Platform, the Duette Multifocal features the MaxVu GP center that has a Dk of 130 and class II UV blocker, while the high-Dk, low-modulus Flex2O silicone hydrogel skirt has a Dk of 84 and is 32 percent water. SynergEyes says that the optimal lacrimal layer corrects corneal astigmatism and decreases aberrations. Excellent centration and stability deliver full binocular vision that is not affected by eye movement, according to the company. Parameters include 14.5mm diameter; 7.1mm to 7.9mm base curves in 0.2mm steps; skirt curves of flat, medium, and steep; a small or large add zone; and sphere powers from +2.00D to –8.00D in 0.25D steps and from –8.50D to –10.00D in 0.50D steps. Call (877) SEE-2012 or visit

Eyewear for Dry Eye

Eye Eco, Inc. now offers Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear. The lightweight frame utilizes two vented chambers that contain a piece of foam. The chambers are soaked in water and then placed back into the frame. Eye Eco says that during wear, the water from the foam evaporates through the vented chambers, increasing relative humidity around the eyes and helping to stabilize the tear film. A comfortable, foam-padded gasket and bendable nose bridge help seal the face and protect the eyes from wind, dust and pollen, according to the manufacturer.

Moisture Release Eyewear is available in Matte Black with gray or clear lens, Shiny Black with gray or clear lens, and Demi Tortoise with Copper or Clear lens. All lenses are polycarbonate and treated with an anti-fog coating for maximum visual performance. The gray and copper lenses protect from 100 percent UVA and UVB light, according to the manufacturer. The eyewear comes with two sets of cartridges and a micro-fiber travel/cleaning cloth. Call (888) 730-7999 or visit

Tranquileyes Offers A Stylish Way To Relieve Dry Eye.

Kit Available for Eyelid Treatment

Earlier this year, OcuSoft, Inc. launched its prescription-only Ocudox Convenience Kit for treating acute eyelid conditions. The kit contains Ocudox (Doxycycline Hyclate 50mg, 60 Capsules, USP), OcuSoft Lid Scrub Plus Extra Strength Pre-Moistened Pads (30 Count), and Tears Again Advanced Liposome Spray (15ml). Each component in the Ocudox Convenience Kit was carefully selected as a result of requests from practitioners seeking a simple yet effective treat ment option specific to acute cases of lid disease, according to OcuSoft.

Ocudox Convenience Kits are available in retail pharmacies for im mediate dispensing. Call (800) 233-5469 or visit

The Ocudox Convenience Kit Is Available Through Pharmacies.

HA Daily Disposable Available in 90-Pack

In response to requests from eyecare practition ers and their patients, Safigel is now launching a 90-Pack for its hyaluronate-gel (HA) daily disposable contact lens. Safigel introduced its FDA-approved daily disposable lens in a 30-Pack made available exclusively to eyecare practitioners directly through its office in Chicago as well as through distributor part ners across the United States.

Safigel says that its daily disposable lens offers patients bio-mimetic moisture right in the ma trix of the lens that elimi nates the need for inconvenient rewetting drops during the day. Call (877) 723-4435 or visit