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product spectrum

New Daily Disposable for Astigmats

Vistakon recently launched its 1-Day Acuvue Moist Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism. This new soft toric daily disposable lens features a proprietary Blink Stabilized Design, which Vistakon says harnesses the natural pressures of a blinking eye to help keep the lens in place and quickly realign the lens if it rotates out of position. It also settles within one minute, thus reducing chair time and the need for further progress evaluations, according to the company.


1-Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism lenses are made using Lacreon Technology, a process that permanently embeds a water holding ingredient, similar to that found in natural tears, into the etafilcon A material. Vistakon says that this technology locks in moisture that lasts throughout the day.

The new lenses are available with more than 1,500 SKUs (12 axes, four cylinders) at distance parameters of +4.00D to –9.00D, giving it the widest power range available of any daily disposable toric contact lens. Call (800) 843-2020 or visit

Multifocal Scleral Lenses Available

Acculens has released two new scleral multifocal lenses, Maxim Plus and Comfort SL Plus. Both new multifocals incorporate center-near add technology with aspheric zone blend. Maxim Plus will correct presbyopia while managing corneal distortion, according to Acculens.

Comfort SL Plus is indicated for normal corneas and is a great alternative to soft toric lenses, according to the company.

Both new multifocal designs are available in custom parameters and are manufactured in Boston XO2 (Bausch + Lomb). Maxim's 20-lens trial sets are available free of charge. No fitting set is needed for Comfort SL or Comfort SL Plus—simply call in K readings, prescription, corneal diameter, and pupil size to Acculens. Call (800) 525-2470 or visit

New OTC Option for Dry Eye Sufferers

Allergan recently launched Refresh Optive Advanced, a lipid-enhanced tear with the low blur and comfort of an aqueous tear, according to the company. Allergan says its comprehensive, triple-action formulation works on all three layers of the tear film to reduce tear evaporation, hydrate, and lubricate for dry eye symptom relief.

Refresh Optive Advanced contains a lipid that reinforces the lipid layer, hydrates and increases volume to the aqueous layer, and provides advanced lubrication and protection to the mucin layer. Allergan says Refresh Optive Advanced also penetrates the surface to provide osmoprotection to the corneal epithelial cells from excessive salt levels.

Refresh Optive Advanced is available in 10mL bottles at retail locations where over-the-counter eyecare products are sold. Call (800) 433-8871 or visit


Mini Scleral Offers Soft Lens Comfort

Blanchard Contact Lens has introduced Onefit P+A (Prolate + Astigmatism), a mini-scleral lens designed to vault over corneas that have a normal prolate profile or astigmatism, post grafts (prolate pattern) or moderately irregular corneas such as emergent or fruste keratoconus.

Blanchard says that its goal with Onefit P+A was a large-diameter GP lens that is easy to fit and as comfortable as a soft lens. The lens provides less stress on the cornea, visual acuity, and reduced aberrations, and is accompanied by exceptional comfort and a 3- step, inside-out, fitting approach; making Onefit P+A the easiest miniscleral lens to fit and troubleshoot, according to Blanchard.

Onefit P+A is available in diameters of 13.8mm to 14.3mm (standard)/14.6mm at any power. Fitting sets are available through Blanchard Contact Lens. Call (800) 367-4009 or visit