Product Spectrum

Product Spectrum

Second Generation of Scleral Lens Available

Visionary Optics LLC has launched its Europa Scleral with Universal Fit Technology, a second-generation version of the company’s Jupiter scleral lens. In development for more than a year by Greg DeNaeyer, OD, this lens has been developed to surpass the popularity and success of the Jupiter design by providing several upgraded positive attributes.

The Europa Scleral lens has an increased optic zone, which will allow increased sagittal depth and corneal clearance without having to steepen the base curve or peripheral curves, allowing for better corneal vault, according to the Visionary Optics. A reverse geometry curve has also been incorporated. The Europa Scleral lens has a four-curve peripheral design, with an enhanced profile designed to reduce lens compression and seal-off. Europa is exclusively manufactured in Boston XO and Boston XO2 materials (Bausch + Lomb).

The Europa Scleral lens is available in both 7-lens and 14-lens diagnostic lens sets, making it easy for new fitters and existing Jupiter fitters to upgrade to Europa, according to the company. Call (877) 533-1509 or visit

New Mini Scleral for Irregular Corneas

Blanchard Contact Lens recently released its Onefit Cone Series. The vault and peripheral system of this mini scleral lens is specifically designed to accommodate highly irregular corneas such as keratoconus and ectasias, according to the company.

Blanchard says that Onefit was designed to maximize oxygen transmission when combining the lens and tear layer thickness. For this reason, the lens is thinner over the limbus compared to other designs. Its geometry reduces the tear layer from the center out to the limbal area.

Onefit is manufactured in materials that offer a minimum permeability of 100 Dk. Parameters include a base curve range from 5.50mm to 7.50mm in 0.10mm increments; diameters of 13.7mm, 14.0mm (standard), 14.3mm, and 14.6mm; powers of +20.00D to −20.00D in 0.25D increments; and edge lift values of Standard, Steep 1, Steep 2, and Flat 1. Blanchard says that the lens is easy to fit; a complete fitting guide is available at Call (800) 367-4009.

Preservative-Free Dry Eye Relief

Allergan, Inc recently launched Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops, which the company says features the same scientifically advanced formula that works on all three layers of the tear film to relieve dry eye symptoms as Refresh Optive Advanced, but without the use of a preservative. The triple-action formula of Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free stabilizes the lipid layer to help reduce tear evaporation, hydrates the aqueous layer, and provides an advanced lubricating and protective shield to the mucin layer, while further protecting epithelial cells from hypertonic stress, according to Allergan.



Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free is available in 30-count single-use vials and is available at retail locations where over-the-counter eyecare products are sold. Call (800) 433-8871 or visit

Scleral Lens for Standard and Presbyopic Patients

GP Specialists now offers its iSight Scleral contact lens, a uniquely designed scleral lens that utilizes multiple aspheric conical curves to achieve a more natural tangential fitting zone, according to the company. GP Specialists says this design means that the iSight Scleral contact lens has the ability to vault both the cornea and limbal zone while maintaining a minimal sagittal depth that promotes good tear exchange.

iSight Scleral parameters include base curves of 5.50mm to 9.50mm; a standard diameter of 16.4mm, with a range from 14.2mm to 24.00mm; and power range from −20.00D to +20.00D in 0.25D steps. Multifocal parameters include an add power range of +0.50D to +5.00D, center-distance or center-near design, and a standard optic zone of 1.0mm with a range of 0.5mm to 7.0mm. The 16-lens fitting set includes 10 spherical lenses in a 16.4mm diameter and base curves from 6.00mm to 8.50mm in 0.25mm steps and six multifocal lenses (three center-near, three center-distance). Call (800) 889-0379 or visit